Date of Birth:
R&B, Soul, Pop , Crunk&B
LaFace, Arista, Jive, RCA, Sony Legacy
Vocals, Bass, Drums

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Usher may refer to:

Several jobs which originally involved directing people and ensuring people are in the correct place:

  • Usher (occupation)
    • Church usher
    • Field usher, a military rank
    • Court usher, a court official
    • Usher of Justice, a judicial official in some countries
    • Usher of the Black Rod, a parliamentary official in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand
    • Gentleman Usher, a category of royal official in the United Kingdom
    • White House Chief Usher

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2 She Came To Give It To You 5:12 Lyrics
3 Milk Carton 3:47 Lyrics
4 I Don't Mind 4:14 Lyrics

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