Jada Interview with Lauren O'Keefe, April Forrest, Jacyn Tremblay & Elle Wine,

Jada Interview with Lauren O'Keefe, April Forrest, Jacyn Tremblay & Elle Wine,
(in photo above, l to r): April Forrest,17 of Boston, MA, Lauren OKeefe, 21, of Boston, MA, Elle Wine,19, of Newburyport, MA, and Jacyn Tremblay, 23 of Danvers, MA.

These young divas are the real deal with their powerhouse vocals, soulful & sophisticated harmonies, gospel infused ballads and infectious grooves exploding in a bold and funky mix of pop/r&b. Lauren, Jacyn, Elle and April each have enough personal charisma to wow an audience on their own. As a group they form a bold and beautiful new musical force, and the result is the vocal and visual knockout that is jada. Visit jadas website for performance schedule, video, CDs and other news about jadas fast rise to the top.

New Tracks
When I Want It (I Work It) - upbeat pop/r&b
What's Up With That - Jada's latest West Coast hip hop groove
Obvious - funky & hard drivin'
Drives me Wild - upbeat pop/r&b
Just Chill - upbeat pop/r&b
Summer Song - Jada sings about bringin' back the love
Testify (live) - soulful blues/gospel ballad (live)

Lauren Anne Cecilia O'Keefe
April Rose Forrest
Jacyn Eve Tremblay
Elle J'aime Wine


1. How did it feel to hear your song played all over the airwaves?

LAUREN: It was an incredible feeling! We were sopsyched!! It was so cool to hear our music played withthe top artists; we blended right in:)

ELLE: It was really cool to hear our stuff on theradio along with everyone else's songs who havealready made it.

JACYN: I had to pinch myself to see if I wasdreaming!! It was great!APRIL: I rolled down the window of the car and yelled out the window. And thenyelled out to the toll booth worker who thought I'd lost it!

2. Did you have any pre-conceived ideas about the music industry?

LAUREN: Everyone told me that the music industry is anawful business where people will do anything to get tothe top. I have seen that happen, but I feel that isthe same thing that happens in any business.

ELLE: I think mostly everyone has the same idea ofwhat the music business is like and most everyone isright.

JACYN: Whether it is the music business or a storebusiness, the rules are similar. Hard work will getyou what you deserve. You may encounter some not sogreat people and situations along the way, but if youkeep at it and believe in what you do, you willdefinitely make it to the top!

3. Do you write your own songs? What's your inspiration?

LAUREN: We all write together with our producers RicPoulin, and Joey P. Both have worked with artistssuch as the Drop Kick Murphy's, Ludacris, and JaggedEdge.

ELLE: We get inspiration from our own lives and otherswho are close to us, really anything that we canrelate to.

JACYN: We have also worked with Benjamin Wright whohas written for Outkast, Justin Timberlake, Destiny'sChild, Pattie Labelle, Aretha, Jamiriquoi, and Brandy;Earl Johnson who has worked with Beyonce and ChakaKhan and Matt Haines who has worked with the PussycatDolls. They are all really great guys!!

APRIL- Basically everything we write is something thatholds value to us in our lives. Listening to our songsis kinda like reading a diary-lol-but the editedversions-hahah!

4. What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

LAUREN: I love Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight,D'Angelo, The Killers, Mariah Carey...the list goes onand on:)

ELLE: I listen to Jessica Simpson, John Legend, BEP,Usher, Mariah Carey, and a bunch of others.

APRIL: I listen to soo many different artists, butright now I love Kelly Clarkson cuz her vocals are soawesome and I can relate to a lot of her songs. I likerock mostly tho. Like Linkin Park, Evenescense,Weezer, 3 Doors Down etc.

JACYN: I love Lauryn Hill, Gwen Stefani, Black EyedPeas, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey and more! I love itall from pop to rock to JOSH GROBAN!

5. What's next? Tour/Album/Single?

APRIL- Well, right now we're actually planning ournext trip to LA. (We were there in Feb. to attend theGrammy Awards and meet with labels.) And we'll mostlikely be doing some shows/showcases out there. Otherthan that we have a bunch of shows lined up over thesummer throughout New England and in PA and Jersey.The next album...Well we're currently workin on thatright now. We've got about 7 or 8 songs pretty muchdone so far. We can't really say what the next singlewill be at this point. We haven't decided yet but will soon cuz we'll be shooting a video for it!!

JACYN: All of that! All at once! We are all about doing all ofthose things. We know that we are going to be verybusy for the next few years....we're ready!

6. Was there a moment you contemplated throwing in the towel?

LAUREN: No, I haven't felt that way though I have feltsuper stressed out and overwhelmed. It's a scarybusiness if you are not used to it, but it's excitingat the same time.

ELLE: No, you can't ever put that in your head causeyou just won't be able to do it with that kind of amindset.

APRIL: NO, That has NEVER been a question for me. NOmatter what, this is what I'm doing. I can't be doinganything else.

JACYN: I have never even thought about throwing in thetowel. There are many phases to this business, and Ithink the journey( good and not so easy times) is halfthe fun. If I told you it was easy, then I'd be lying!

7. Do you prefer performing live or recording?

LAUREN: I love performing live! I love the rush andthe energy from the audience. There is nothing likeit!

ELLE: Live with no question because it's so muchbetter being in front of people who love what you're doingthan in a booth doing the same line over and overuntil it's just right. Unless I get it right the first time!

APRIL: Yea I'm with the girls on that one. Live issooo amazing. Much more energy, just more exciting.Thanks to the fans of course!

JACYN:Live performing is the most fun! You get to pourall of your heart and soul into your performance. Ilike recording as well. You get to create something(on CD) that could be around forever!

8. What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

LAUREN: I have been singing, acting, and dancing sinceI was about 4 and have always known that I wanted tobe a performer. Every time I went to a concert Iwould always be thinking: "I want to do that". Beingable to attend the Grammy's 2005 this past Februarydefinitely drove my dream home. It was an amazingexperience to walk the red carpet with so manycelebrities!

ELLE: I always loved to sing and every time I went to aconcert I would get this feeling in my stomach sayin'" I have to do that".

APRIL: Well I've been performing since I was two inone way or another (dancing, singing, acting, etc.) SoI've always loved being on stage and putting on ashow. As I got older, I really decided that the musicindustry was where I needed to be. There wasn't aspecific reason, I just had this feeling...And eversince then this is what I'm doing and nothing couldmake me happier than this.

JACYN: When I was a little girl, I used to beg my dadto put his camera on me. I would say "I wanna see meon TV". I would sing and dance around the house ALLthe time! I guess it is something I just have to do or Iwill go crazy!

9. What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?

LAUREN: The biggest challenge for me is jugglingschool, work, and jada. It has been really hard to doall three, but I have done a pretty good job keepingmy sanity;)

ELLE: The hardest thing is knowing that I can't do whateveryone else is doing all the time. I've had to drop alot of things to do this and I don't regret it but it's beenhard when all of my friends have wanted to go and dosomething and I've had to go to rehearsal instead-AGAIN!

JACYN: Yes, Lauren did an awesome job with school andwork and Jada. I know because I did it too! It is goodto be done with schoolwork! The biggest challenge Ithink is breaking into the music business itself. Ourmanagement team (Bristol Entertainment) always tellsus that we have to "be willing to do what the averageperson won't do".

10. What's a typical day like?

ELLE: A typical day for Jada is go to rehearsal for3:30pm and not leave until everything we needed toget done that day is done. We rehearse six days a weekand in addition to that we have shows all the time on top of recording sessions, photo shoots, video shoots, etc. We answer fan mail, plan wardrobe, work out, practice dance/choreography, attend voice lessons and rehearse rehearse rehearse! We work our butts off!

11. What has been your favorite part of becoming a music artist?

LAUREN: my favorite part is being able to share mypassion with the world! Sounds cheesy but its true! Ifeel really lucky that I have this opportunity to goout there and do what I love.

ELLE: Doing what I love to do.

APRIL: My favorite part is everything! NO seriously,I'm with Lauren on this one. Being able to share whatmakes you happy with millions and millions of peopleis an amazing thing to accomplish. Not everyone isable to do what they love and we are being given theopportunity to do that.

JACYN: Doing what I love...performing! It is amazingto know that we can make people feel all kinds ofemotions through our music.

12. If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

LAUREN: I would have to say the Black Eyed Peas andStevie Wonder. I love Stevie.

ELLE: I would have to say Mariah Carey, John Legend orJessica Simpson.

APRIL: Justin Timberlake!!! He's so amazing. Not tomention he's pretty hottt lol. I mean that totallyprofessionally of course! haha

JACYN: Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, or Green Day!

13. Are you single? What do you look for in a partner?

LAUREN: haha, I am not single. I have a greatboyfriend who loves what I do. He is in a bandhimself so he understands the crazy schedule of a rockstar! haha

ELLE: I also have a boyfriend who I love very much andhe supports me through everything which is what I needbeing in this industry.

April: Well, I DON'T have a boyfriend, so yes Imsingle. In a partner...If I was looking for aboyfriend I guess I would look for someone who's justgood to me. Someone I can relate with, and depend onand who can communicate well with me. AND someone whohas COMMON SENSE!!! haha that's always important.

JACYN: Hehehehe...should I answer that? Let's just sayI am pretty happy right now!

14. Do you have a website fans can visit?

ELLE: We do- it is Jadamusic.com which is our officialwebsite where you can find our touring schedule,pictures of us and people we've performed with, oursongs that you can listen to, our latest video and a bunch of otherstuff on there. You can also check out our officialstreet team website which is www.officialjadateam.cjb.net

APRIL: And our Sister st team (run by my lil sister...gofigure! haha) www.jadamusic.cjb.net

15. Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life?

LAUREN: hmmm five things?? I would have to say 1) Gofor your dreams. 2) Don't let people tell you you can't.3) Take naps. 4)Eat well and exercise:) 5)Don't be toohard on yourself.

ELLE: That's hard. OK 1. Do what you want to do, 2.Work hard so you can be the best, 3. Take breaks whenyou want to, 4. Don't be scared to try knew things, 5.Have fun!!

APRIL: Well the road to happiness according to APRIL- 1) Be kind to everyone around you. 2) Be daring. 3) Gofor your dreams no matter what. 4) Don't second guessyourself or have regrets. 5) Experience as many thingsas you can that you never thought you wouldexperience.

JACYN: Love, Laughter, Strength, Success, Good Health(in no particular order!)

16. What message would you like to say to your fans?

LAUREN: You are awesome!! Thank you so much for all ofyour support:) We wouldn't be where we are withoutyou. Muagh!!

ELLE: Thank you so much for supporting us and keep itup cause you guys are the ones who are going to getus there.

APRIL: You guys rock my socks! ( I always say that,but it's true!) Thanks!!

JACYN: Thanks you so much for the love and support! Wewouldn't be where we are without you!!!

60 Second Quiz

Full Name:
LAUREN: Lauren Anne Cecilia O'Keefe
APRIL: April Rose Forrest
JACYN: Jacyn Eve Tremblay
ELLE: Elle J'aime Wine

LAUREN: La La, O'Keefers, Keefers
APRIL: Apy, Connor, APPLE
ELLE: L, Ella Bella

Star Sign:
LAUREN: Taurus May 2 baby!
APRIL: Aquarius
JACYN: August 23rd Leo/Virgo on the cusp!
ELLE: Gemini

Favorite Food:
LAUREN: Anything Italian, that's my comfort food
APRIL: Chicken Piccata! I don't even know how to spellthat!
JACYN: Italian as well! But I really love cereal too!!!!!
ELLE: Lobster

Favorite Film:
LAUREN: Right now I would have to say Batman Begins! Iam a huge Batman fan and it was sooooo good!!!
JACYN: Phantom of the Opera-I have a big musicaltheater background and this film is beautiful!
ELLE: Anchor Man!!

Favorite Actor:
LAUREN: hmm I really like Brad Pitt, he's reallytalented and extremely good looking:)
APRIL : Johnny Depp baby!
JACYN: Johnny Depp...He is gorgeous AND captivating onscreen!
ELLE: I don't think I have one!!

LAUREN: I love kitties!
APRIL: I love my puppy (even tho she's isn't a puppyanymore!)
JACYN: I am a dog lover!
ELLE: Puppies!!

Describe yourself in 3 words:
LAUREN: Outgoing, compassionate, silly
APRIL: Ridiculous, sassy (Elle told me to put thathaha), caring
JACYN: Goofy, friendly, and energetic!
ELLE: Outgoing, crazy, and fun!!

Best Feature:
LAUREN: My eyelashes!! They are really long.
APRIL: My butt haha it's big!
JACYN: My eyes..they are so dark they are almostblack!
ELLE: My eyes too!!

Worst Feature:
APRIL: My butt, haha its big!! lololololol
ELLE: Too many to choose from!!

Person You Would Most Like to Meet:
LAUREN: My grandparents on my Mom's side, they died when I was very young. They seem amazing.
ELLE: Jessica Simpson!!

LAUREN: Singing, acting, dancing-that is my life.
APRIL: Besides what I'm doing now, I like to read, andwrite. :)
JACYN: Me too! I also LOVE to workout and hang outsiderunning, biking, walking, tennis, rollerblading!
ELLE: Going to the beach!!

First Job:
LAUREN:Dancing as Ernie and Prairie Dawn at SesamePlace in PA.
APRIL: Teaching dance at an after school program at myElementary school.
JACYN: DO paper routes count?...My first real job wasat a farm stand. I didn't cut it and they fired meafter 3 days cause I didn't like to get dirty!Heheheheeheh!
ELLE: I worked in a little cafe in my hometown.

Are you a Pub, Bar or Club kind:
LAUREN: I'm all three;)
APRIL: None of the above....lolol I'm under age!
JACYN: Umm......Starbucks!?
ELLE: I'd say bar!! When they're not checking ID!

What Can You Never Leave Home Without:
LAUREN: My chapstick and my cell phone
APRIL: My phone
JACYN: Lipgloss!!!!!!]
ELLE: My cell phone!!

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning:
LAUREN: What I am going to eat for breakfast:)
APRIL: "Why am I awake right now? I should be sleepingstill!"
JACYN: What day is it and do I have any Kashi GoLeanin the cabinet?
ELLE: What do I have to do today?

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