La Mer The Radiant Serum

La Mer The Radiant Serum

La Mer The Radiant Serum

Building on a legendary heritage of transformation, The Max Huber Research Labs unveil a groundbreaking new treatment designed to illuminate and balance the skin, awakening its natural ability to reflect and transmit light. The Radiant Serum redefines true radiance by combining reparative sea-derived ingredients with state of the art delivery systems engineered to target dullness and discoloration. Skin emerges looking flawlessly refined, with renewed resilience and radiance beyond belief.

A Miracle Reborn
Faced with constant environmental, lifestyle and biological aggressors, skin begins to show signs of aging in the form of dark spots from hyperpigmentation, dull texture and tone, and a loss of firmness. The uneven appearance of skin in this state requires energy to soothe, calm and recapture its center.

Understanding the power of water and its ability to transform the skin, La Mer ushered in a new era in skincare with the launch of its proprietary Deconstructed Waters™ to maximise the benefits and penetration of key ingredients. Always looking to the sea for inspiration, La Mer now takes this unique technology to the next level by embedding active seaborne extracts in positive and negatively charged water clusters to maximise delivery of their radiance boosting powers into the cellular layers of the skin's surface.

"The Max Huber Research Labs have discovered a way to harness and enhance water's energy. Our patented Deconstructed Waters™ allow us to store positive or negative energy in water. With these charged water clusters, we're able to target delivery of ingredients to different layers of the skin's surface. Skin cells have a positive charge and our negatively charged waters drive ingredients directly to these skin cells. The Deconstructed Waters™ technology enhances the activity of all our products." - Andy Bevacqua, Vice President of Research and Development, The Max Huber Research Labs

Tides of Light:
The Radiant Waters™
A distinct trio of waters emerges, the Radiant Waters™, which work in tandem with La Mer's new Brightening Ferment helping to improve texture, resiliency and translucency while also visibly plumping skin and tightening pores. Awash with light, La Mer's groundbreaking new serum recaptures the visible glow of youth as skin takes on a refined luminosity.

The Resurfacing Waters ™
Dull surface cells prevent light from entering the skin, resulting in a "cloudy" appearance. Known for its retinoid-like exfoliating benefits and ability to promote natural skin cell turnover, and derived from the sea shore plant Rock Samphire, the Resurfacing Waters™ help gently refinish the skin and lift away dull skin cells to reveal a soft, flawless brilliance.

The Pore Refining Waters™
By embedding the Deconstructed Waters™ with a brown algae, Laminaria saccharina, that works to deeply cleanse, clear and tighten pores, skin finds new strength and improved tone. The refined, even texture allows light to reflect from skin's surface-ultimately boosting luminosity.

The Oxygenating Waters™:
Stressed, irritated skin appears soothed, as the oxygenating benefits of a concentrated brown algae, Laminaria digitata, breathes life into the skin. Calm is restored as the Oxygenating Waters™ help repair and renew the complexion, instantly bringing balance to the skin.

Intense Luminosity: The Brightening Ferment
Radiant skin glows from within and looks smoother, clearer and virtually poreless in appearance. The aging dark spots from hyperpigmentation that tarnish the complexion over time are caused by acute inflammatory responses to both internal and external triggers that skin encounters on a daily basis.

To repair the look of skin and help prevent these reactions in the future, La Mer introduces The Brightening Ferment, which targets the look of dark spots at different stages. Meticulously bio-fermented, this advanced ferment reduces the look of dark spots, while incorporating a blend of active anti-oxidants and anti-irritants to help prevent future discoloration, gently promoting a more even and bright complexion.

Supporting this new ferment, La Mer's exclusive Blue Algae Lift Ferment provides a network of proteins that help skin stimulate its own internal building blocks to renew its appearance, maintain strength and vitality and also protect its integrity. Created with a nutrient rich blue algae that possesses exceptional energies, this ferment comes to life as it journeys through La Mer's signature bio-fermentation process, generating an explosion of activity that remarkably plumps, firms and lifts the skin's appearance. Youthful volume and elasticity are tremendously restored.

Usage: On cleansed, toned skin apply a few drops of this exquisite lightweight gel morning and evening. Skin is magnificently radiant upon contact, with benefits maximised over time.

La Mer The Radiant Serum, 30ml is available exclusively through David Jones and via
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