Miguel MigsThose Things

Miguel MigsThose Things

Miguel Migs

DJ/Producer Miguel Migs is world renowned for being the leader of the soulful side of the electronic music scene. This special limited edition 2 CD release combines his critically acclaimed Those Things album with the new release Those Things Remixed and is perfectly timed to coincide with Miguel's sold out Australian tour which saw him play to over 15,000 punters at the 'Better Days' events in January 2009.

The new remix album further diversifies Miguel Migs' sound by offering new versions of the original album tracks from artists spanning the globe such as Faze Action, Sade producer Cottonbelly, former Cee-Lo producer Eric Stamile, Crazy P and collaborations with Junior Reid, Lisa Shaw, Sadat X & more.

How did it feel to hear your CD?

Miguel Migs : Actually the originals came out in 2007, I wrote them over the course of about a year then we released that. We werent necessarily trying to create a remix album, it just sort of worked out that way. I mean we had so many remixes that were of good quality by diverse quality artists. It seemed to have a good flow to it and we had enough material that we felt that we thought was worth releasing as a remix album. That is how the album sort of came about. There is a nice range on the album, it is all remixes that I enjoy listening to and that has a nice flow it all works well together so it came out good.

Did you have any pre-conceived ideas about the music industry?

Miguel Migs : No, I mean you sort of roll with things. Part of it is what you make and part of it is what you get yourself into. Its not like I ever sat and had a pre-plan or really cared too much about what the music industry is doing, I just sort of do my own thing and create music because I really enjoy it, which is the main reason why I got into music in the first place.

Do you write your own songs? Whats your inspiration?

Miguel Migs : Well pretty much get inspired by everything around me. I love everything, all different types of music. I always listen to a real diverse range of musicians and styles so for me I take inspiration from everything and everywhere. For me it could be, of course, how youre feeling as well as what you are going through on a personal level as well as, something that inspires you from hearing another sound of music. You take all these different things and put them together and you never necessarily know how it is going to turn out. Thats the fun part about it.

What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Miguel Migs : I love reggae. I am a big raggae fan, I love a little bit of everything. I love rock and hiphop, a little bit of everything. At any time I could be in the house listening to anything from reggae to the new Black Keys album as well as loving old school hiphop. It is a wide range and that is something that I enjoy doing.

Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Miguel Migs : Well I love writing music and recording it, I love that as a process, the creative construction of music. But I also really performing and touring, it is inspiring to see peoples reactions when they are listening to your music. It makes it really interesting and enjoyable, especially when you know other people are actually enjoying the music that you are creating.

What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Miguel Migs : I have pretty much been involved in music all my life, my parents were always taking me to concerts when I was a little tiny kid. I have been surrounded by music, really good music since I was young. They listened to a lot of Blues, everything from The Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin and other stuff that my parents listened to every day. I grew up listening to Jimmy Hendrix and other great music, that got me into music at a young age. I then taught myself how to play the guitar, when I was a young teenager, then I formed little bands and continued to write music, play music and then record music. Then, all of a sudden, years later here I am still doing it, pretty much full-time because I love it. It wasnt something I really planned on doing for a living. I didnt go to school for music or have any plans. It sort of just got that way.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?

Miguel Migs : Well, it was more of a personal challenge, I just wanted to stay fresh and creative to myself to keep things interesting and keep myself excited about what I was doing. I mean its not necessary, actually it is a completely positive things to always want to push yourself to try new things. It is also important to stay true to what you believe it and do what you feel like musically and do your own thing, I dont follow the trends of what is hip at the moment. For me its been about remember to stay true to what you love, and what you believe in, that is what I have lived by. It has been easy to live like that because it is easy to do something when you love doing it. Whether youre a shopper or a painter, if you love what you are doing you are not really going to run into many problems. You just do what you do, because you are in your creative and artistic circle.

What has been your favorite part of becoming a music artist?

Miguel Migs : Well, there is different parts of it that I love. Like I said I really like the process of writing and creating music in a studio, but I also love touring and traveling and performing music and sharing it with people all over the world with people from, Asia to Europe to all over Russia to Australia to Canada… wherever. It is really cool to be able to see peoples reactions, in other parts of the world, it is great to see the music really inspire them on a personal level, rather than music to jump up and down to and get as drunk as you possibly can too. It is nice to see that the music is actually penetrating into people and inspiring them in a way that is a little bit deeper than the weekend of being out at a club. All that is really enjoyable to me.

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Miguel Migs : There is a lot of artists I really love, Id like to do something with Maxwell or some of those solo artists that have really amazing voices, there are some really amazing stuff out there, like from Adele. There is a lot of soulful talent out there, that is the stuff that really captivates me, full side of things.

Whats next for you?

Miguel Migs : I am always touring, the tour never really stops, I am always on the road sort of touring doing that. I am actually focusing right now on organising my record label called Salted Music that I have, I am trying to organise release scheduling as well as writing and touring. I am starting to work on the new album as well, there is a lot of stuff I am doing, that I am always working on.

One rule you live by?

Miguel Migs : Its pretty simple, its important you have to do what you feel and stay true to who you are and its not really a rule, its pretty easy to do if you just live that way.

Track Listing:
1.So Far
2.Make Things Happen
3.Can't Get Through
5.Those Things
7.Get Down
8.Let Me Be
10.Shake It Up
11.Body Never Lies
12.Side 2 Side
13.Giving It All

1.Sometime Crazy P Superfunk Remix
2.Those Things - Simon Grey Phase II Vocal
3.Make Things Happen Miguel Migs Stripped Down Vocal
4.Giving It All Miguel Migs Dub Deluxe
5.Fire Faze Action Afrotronic Re-Rub
6.So Far Rasmus Faber's Farplane Radio Edit
7.Let Me Be Miguel Migs Salted Vocal
8.Can't Get Through Mario Basinov Deep Vocal
9.Mesmerized Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Vocal
10.So Far Eric's Old School Revival Dub
11.Side 2 Side Migs Interlude
12.Fire Cottonbelly Remix
13.Shake It Up J-Boogie Remix
14.Get Down Dolls Combers Spring Vocal

Miguel Migs stands at the forefront of electronic music's soulful realm. Whether tackling his original productions or remixes, he achieves an organic-soulful sound by combining the best of both the electronic music world and live instrumentation.

For many years, Miguel's productions have been included on countless compilations and his records have slid into the crates of top DJs across the globe. His music has also landed on numerous TV Shows, including Six Feet Under, Sex in the City, and MTV's Road Rules and Real World.

Contrary to many of his club-centric DJ/producer peers, Miguel is not always concerned with the potential dance floor appeal of his soulful tracks. "It's music you can enjoy and listen to at home, in the club, or anywhere. Not necessarily just to rock the dance floor." explains the Northern California native, who grew up with a true love of reggae, soul, classic rock, jazz, hip-hop and just about everything else.

His impressive discography includes more than 100 original productions and remixes on seminal independent labels such as Salted Music, Naked Music, Astrelwerks, Yoshitoshi, NRK, Black Vinyl, Large, Chez, Transport recordings, Om Records, Defected Records and many others. His recordings have consistently made waves in the underground circuit and have landed on DJ hype charts internationally. He goes highly regarded when it comes to remixes, having worked with major label artists such as Macy Gray, Lionel Ritchie and Britney Spears. Miguel additionally has released numerous mix CD compilations on labels including Defected, Naked Music, Southport Weekender and NRK.

Never one to sit still, Migs started his own label Salted Music in 2004. Having been associated with an extensive number of labels throughout his career, he came to realize a desire to have his own base, a vehicle for building his own catalogue of quality material. Salted Music is a foundation for Migs to choose and release music that inspires him, as well as release his own productions and compilations.

A musician at heart, Miguel's professional career started at age 18 as songwriter and lead guitarist for Santa Cruz local dub band Zion Sounds, whose Jamaican and African rhythms earned them gigs with globally known reggae outfits Culture and Burning Spear among others. After the disbanding of Zion Sounds in the mid 1990's, rather than form a new band, Miguel put his focus and creative energy into experimenting with the production of electronic music.

As a producer, Miguel realizes a strong connection between his electronic music productions and live musical background. He writes his own lyrics and plays his own instruments, be it guitar, bass, percussion or keyboard.

As a DJ, Miguel maintains the same approach to his sets as to his productions, combining a variety of influences and styles fused together. The result is funky, deep, soulful, bumping house music. "I like to mix it up and keep it moving smoothly, taking the dance floor through a very spontaneous mix into the realms of quality, deep house music depending on the mood in the room", says Migs. "But, whether it's vocal, tracky, dubby, moody, percussive or broken beat, the sound always remains soulful and funky.

2007 saw the release of 'THOSE THINGS', Miguel's sophomore album released on his very own Salted Music imprint. "Those Things represents an open-minded musical spectrum that can have multi-meaning and definition combining forward thinking electronic music elements with live instrumentation inspired by old soul, funk, reggae, jazz, rock and hip-hop," states San Francisco-based Migs about his follow-up to his 2002 debut album 'Colorful You' (Astralwerks/Naked Music). ). The album received massive acclaim and support worldwide and features Sadat X from 'Brand Nubian', Lisa Shaw, LT, Fred Ross from the legendary 'Family Stone', reggae heavy weight Junior Reid, and Tim Fuller.

Miguel can be found regularly traveling the globe as one of the industries top-leading DJs, as well as at home in the studio writing and creating music, which is his main love and passion. "It's all about the balance between the touring and traveling, studio work and everything else in life." Miguel says, " Music has no boundaries and I get inspired by everything around me." Migs certainly draws no limits to his artistry.

In 2008 Miguel Migs returns with Those Things Remixed Deluxe Edition. The CD features an additional 14 unique interpretations and remixes of original tracks from Migs' critically acclaimed 2007 album Those Things as well as the original album. The eclectic roster of artists recruited for remix duty ranges from British house duo Faze Action and Sade producer Cottonbelly to Swedish artist Rasmus Faber.

Migs' intimate knowledge of multiple instruments (trumpet, congas, saxophone, guitar and bass) combined with deft production skills and songwriting abilities results in a sound all of his own. While the basis for the music is electronic, shades of R&B, Soul, funk, reggae and Hip-Hop are evident throughout each of his productions. Adding a truly live feel to Those Things is a bevy of vocal collaborations from respected names including Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Lisa Shaw, Tim Fuller, Fred Ross (Sly and the Family Stone) and reggae heavy weight Junior Reid.

Those Things Remixed Deluxe Edition further diversifies Miguel Migs' sound by offering new versions of album tracks from artists spanning the globe. UK band/DJ collective Crazy P offers a funkier, spaced-out take on "Sometime," while retaining if not enhancing - Tim Fuller's soulful vocals. "Fire feat. Junior Reid" undergoes two drastic changes thanks to Cottonbelly's signature killer bass lines and Faze Action's Afro-Jazz inspired house rhythms. Australian producer Simon Grey adds a thick layer of funk and synths and perfectly complements Lisa Shaw's vocals on the title track, while Lithuania's Mario Basanov takes it down and deep on his remix "Can't Get Through feat. Tim Fuller." Eric Stamile brings a little wobbly electro funk to the table with his dub of "So Far " before Alix Alvarez drops in a warm and flowing take on "Mesmerized." Additional remixes on Those Things Remixed Deluxe Edition come from Rasmus Faber, Dolls Combers, J-Boogie, and of course, Miguel Migs.

Miguel Migs has been producing electronic music since 1998. While signed to Naked Music, he spearheaded the development of a new brand of West Coast house music signature with the label through numerous singles and EP's created under his own name and his Petalpusher moniker. In 2004, Migs started his own label, Salted Music. Having been associated with an extensive number of labels throughout his career, he came to realize a desire to have his own base, a vehicle for building his own catalogue of quality material.

As a remixer, he's worked with major label artists such as Macy Gray, Lionel Richie and Britney Spears. Additionally, he has released numerous mix CD compilations on labels including Defected, Naked Music, Southport Weekender and NRK.

Migs can be found regularly travelling the globe as one of the industries top-leading DJs and with his new live band PETALPUSHER. The all star PETALPUSHER line up consists of multi talented players who have used the release of "Those Things" as the opportunity to hit the road and perform as a full 8 piece live experience. PETALPUSHER is Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, Tim Fuller, Jude Gold (George Clinton and P Funk,), Jonathan Herrera, John Mader (Booker T, The Family Stone Experience), Sundra Manning (Prince, Michele Shocked and Michael Franti and Spearhead, and Tim Kvasnosky that make up this 8 piece band.

Title: Those Things (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: Miguel Migs
Label: onelove music/ Sony Music


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