Cop Hard

Cop Hard

Cop Hard

It's been too long since we've had an on screen cop hero willing to shoot someone down for breaking the law - any law, and the wait will soon be over with the launch of Cop Hard, a brand new cop entertainment show that crashes Hill Street Blues with Twin Peaks and Monty Python; that pulls no punches and cuts to the very heart of what it is to be good cop in a world of bad crime.

Having grown up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, writer/director Charles C. Custer peels away the veneer of lies and uncovers a true depiction of crime fighting never before seen. He invites us into a world that is both hard and cruel but has the decency to provide a true hero in the form of Detective Larry Hard (Mark "The Muscle" Winter).

A symbol of hope in these dark times of democracy. Larry is on the hustle of mean streets, back door pushers and front yard strippers. Something has to give, but it won't be the man at the front of this thin blue line.

Hard cop, tough cop, Larry Hard is more cop than an old doughnut next to a dead hooker. In a city more desperate than Hollywood, Larry Hard doesn't want to know the difference between good and bad, that's for the courts to decide.

Episodes of Cop Hard will be posted at every Friday at noon AEST.

Cop Hard Cast
Mark 'The Muscle' Winter as Detective Larry Hard
Steve Mouzakis as The Chief
Nicole DaSilva as Syvan
Rob Menzies as King Cowboy
Alethea Jones as Rita
Martin Blum as Alpine

Cop Hard Crew
Charles C. Custer - writer and director
Oscar Reding - Producer
Jonathan auf der Heide - Producer
Alethea Jones - Personal Assistant to Mr Custer
Paul Hughes - Director Of Photography

The Rise and Rise of the Wepisode in the Brave New World of Entertainment
"The kids said it's too slow, it's too formal" - Mark Zuckerberg
In the same way a generation has abandoned email in favour of the social network, they are now unplugging the aerial from the TV and abstaining from the cinema in favour of the immediate and choice friendly alternative: the internet web series.

As figures of 40,000,000 hits become more and more common in popular web content, the writing is on the wall, not only for the way in which the makers of film and television present their work, but also the choices they make in content.

"We can shoot on Monday, upload on Tuesday and have a million people watching by Tuesday night. It's fast and immediate". - Oscar Redding (Producer)

For the makers of the new web series "Cop Hard", the popularity of webisodes has opened up the possibility of the global market without the tired restrictions associated with the bigger formats of film and TV. With no distribution, P&A marketing costs, cinema commissions, shipping expenses and diminishing returns from the countless fingers ploughing through the pie... It's an offer many filmmakers are finding too good to refuse. The only question remains, is how the old formats will respond?

"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow". - Rupert Murdoch