Dreambaby's Safety Solutions for Summer

Dreambaby's Safety Solutions for Summer

Dreambaby's Safety Solutions for Summer

#SummerHolidaySafety Dreambaby® has all the right #safetysolutions for the upcoming summer holidays so best to get organised because #itsjustaroundthecorner.


Summer holidays are all about relaxing, spending quality time with loved ones, and leaving your worries behind. But, traveling when pregnant, or with little people means you have to be 'switched on" to SAFETY needs, at all times. The easiest way to ensure your holiday travel and accommodation is safe is to pack a few key child safety items in your suitcase or car, and simply install them when you arrive!

On The Way

Pregnant this holiday season? Help prevent car travel risks with the Dreambaby® Bump Belt™. Accident statistics confirm that unborn children can be harmed when the seat belt is positioned incorrectly over the mother's abdomen especially if there is an accident. Internationally, it is now standard practice for obstetricians and GPs to advise pregnant women to wear seatbelts under their -baby bumps' as opposed to across their abdomens.

'All mothers know pregnancy can be an anxious time. The Dreambaby® Bump Belt™ has been developed to provide mums-to-be with real peace of mind," explains Carolyn Ziegler, Co-Founder and Product Development Director of global child safety and care brand Dreambaby®. The Dreambaby® Bump Belt™ is suitable for use for expecting mothers from two month's pregnant right until the baby is born.
RRP $34.95

Arrival At Your Destination

'When checking into holiday accommodation, the first thing to do is to get down on all fours and look up at the world from the point of view of a crawling child. It's amazing the hidden dangers you will identify," says Carolyn. 'The easiest way to ensure your accommodation is safe, is to pack a few key safety products in your suitcase, and simply install them when you arrive!"

The Dreambaby® No Tools, No Screws Safety Value Packs with 35-pieces contains everything you need to help make your home and your home-away-from-home, as safe as possible for your little ones. As nothing requires screws, it's an excellent choice when in rental accommodation. This pack includes a number of safety items including 24x outlet plugs to help stop access to power outlets, 1x appliance latch for ovens and fridges, 1x multi-purpose latch, 1x mini multi-purpose latch, 1x angle lock, 1x adhesive double lock, 1x secure-a-lock (using a variety of locks keeps kids on their toes), 4x corner protectors (to guard against nasty corners) and 1x fish door stopper (no damaged fingers). All are easy to install and then remove when you leave!
RRP $24.95

Keep Cool Baby!


Holidays walks can be fun and fulfilling for children, however, the strong summer sun combined with high humidity can be overwhelming and the risk of overheating is very serious for young children. The Dreambaby® Stroller Fan, with its soft foam fins, is ideal to safely keep your baby or toddler cool and is the must-have travel accessory this summer. It can be attached to a pram, on the side of a playpen or even to the handlebars of their favourite tricycle!

RRP $12.95

Sleep Time Safety

Ensure your children sleep soundly and safely in their holiday beds by installing the lightweight, portable Dreambaby® Harrogate Bedrail. Easy to transport (especially when you're traveling by car) and no assembly required, this product offers the utmost peace of mind for all parents and fits most regular beds and mattresses.
RRP $49.95

Help your littles ones feel comforted in unfamiliar holiday accommodation with the help of the adorable (and ingenious) battery-operated Dreambaby® Ladybug nightlight. Brimming with features, the -One Touch' on/off operation is really easy for parents or children to use at bedtime and throughout the night if or when needed. The Dreambaby® Ladybug nightlight makes for a perfect Christmas gift too!
RRP $32.95.

Keep the hall and bathroom in your holiday accommodation lit up throughout the night to help stop accidental falls and to provide comfort for the whole family. The ingenious Dreambaby® Auto Sensor Swivel Light automatically turns on in the dark and off in the light. The 360° rotating swivel head means you can cast a soft light in any direction, making them ideal for use in areas of your accommodation.

'Family holidays can provide lovely memories for parents, carers and growing children. With a little safety awareness, planning and pre-packing, your summer holiday will be a positive experience for the whole family, big and small," Carolyn concludes.

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