Carlos the concrete truck

Carlos the concrete truck

Carlos the concrete truck is excited by the idea of working with the big trucks and joining them on  their adventures....but everyone tells him he's just too small. More than anything Carlos  wants to fit in and although  he's smaller than the others  his attitude and determination are big! Will he achieve his dreams?

Many children can relate to how it feels to be left out, and this book is a reminder that even the smallest in size can achieve the biggest of dreams.




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Aussie Dad and Tradie, Anton Bialylew,  has just released his first children's book "Carlos the Concrete Truck." Anton has previously tapped into his creativity and produced rap songs about concrete which were extensively viewed on social media (more than 200 000 views).


Anton says: "The story of Carlos evolved from my passion in my concreting business. The ideas and illustrations in the book reflect the challenges and hard work that this trade demands. It's not only tough physically but it's also very unforgiving - no second chances when pouring concrete! I've always been a creative person who loves working with my hands and pushing my physical abilities to the limit. I also find that concreting can be a  very creative and meditational experience if undertaken with presence of mind.  


It always puts a smile on Anton's face when children stop their parents to watch the big concrete trucks roll in and  spin and splutter concrete out.They sense the excitement in the air and the fast pace of the work . Anton finds that when kids are watching, it brings out the natural entertainer in him and he loves their sense of awe."


Another of Anton's passions is recording and performing Hip Hop Music. He's recorded extensively and actually written 3 rap songs about concrete, which were amazingly embraced by many including in the construction industry . 


In his twenties Anton worked in Colombia (South America) with disadvantaged children in slum areas teaching them rap, poetry and dance to try and prevent them engaging in crime and the drug culture..  


Anton says: "I like making people  smile, and being a catalyst for positive change in their lives. My hope for young kids reading  Carlos the Concrete Truck, is that it builds their confidence and sends the message that even if you feel different - you are worthwhile and you will in time find your unique skills and strengths."


This book was written in honor of Anton's first born daughter, who is now  7 months old.. 


Anton concludes: "I wanted to create a special gift for my daughter and since I've always been into writing rhyme and rap music- I thought it would be fun to write a book that I could dedicate to her. I also wanted to create a story that related to my work and at the same time reflected  positive and uplifting messages. Firstly,  although you may be different from others  you are equally worthwhile.  Also  follow your dreams and don't let other people's doubt or criticism  "blow out your candle." Stay focused, and one day your opportunity will arrive."


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