Dreambaby®'s NEW Bathroom Health and Safety Products

Dreambaby®'s NEW Bathroom Health and Safety Products

Dreambaby®'s NEW Bathroom Health and Safety Products

This season Dreambaby® is launching essential health and safety products for your growing child including the Dreambaby® Premium Nail Clipper With Magnifier, Anti-Slip Bath Mat, Easy-clean Potty Seat and the new Bath Tub Spout Cover.


Dreambaby® Premium Nail Clippers with Magnifier

Trim your baby's soft and very delicate hand and toe nails with confidence with the new Dreambaby® Premium Nail Clipper with magnifier. The magnifying fold-out glass disc gives an instantly close-up look at your child's nails, making it easy to see rough edges, uneven surfaces and long nail beds, all of which can scratch and harm. The Dreambaby® Premium Nail Clipper is ergonomic in design and very easy to use. The little yet ingenious item is an essential and is ideal to slide it into your baby bag or handbag when on the move with your little one.
Product code: F355 RRP$5.95.

Dreambaby® Anti-Slip Mat

The new Dreambaby® Anti-Slip Mat is designed to place on the floor of your bath to ensure a safe and secure bathtub environment. Decorated with fun, bright aquatic animals including a heat sensing and colour changing starfish which cleverly alerts you if the water is too hot, it's. held firmly in place by multiple suction cups. Durable and with an easy-to-clean surface, it's good for home or away as it packs up easily – yes take it on holiday with you! Measures 40x70cm, so perfect for most baths.
F679 RRP $19.95.

Dreambaby® Easy-Clean Potty Seat

The new Dreambaby® Easy-Clean Potty Seat helps take the stress and mess out of toilet training. The cushioned seat comes away from the base for easy cleaning while the handle on each side makes it simple to maneuver and gives children something to hold – lending them a sense of security during this potentially 'tricky" time. The in-built splash guard limits mess. It fits most toilets and is very easy to clean and transport. Colour and pattern coordinated with the ocean themed Dreambaby® Anti-Slip Bath Mat (above), both these items are ideal for children's bathrooms and when you are on the move.
F678 RRP $14.95

Dreambaby® Bath Tub Spout Cover

Keep your spouts covered up and safe whilst maintaining perfect water flow through to your bath tub, with the new Dreambaby® Bath Tub Spout Cover. Easily inflatable and ideal for most standard sized taps, the Dreambaby® Bath Tub Spout Cover - adorned with friendly whales - will blend in beautifully with your bathroom. The item is a very important addition for your home's safety checklist.
F869 RRP $6.95.


Visit the Dreambaby® web site at www.dreambaby.com.au or call (02) 9386 4000 or in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788.  Become a Dreambaby® fan: http://www.facebook.com/Dreambabysafety   Check out DreambabyTV on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG4-KBu8VmI7N26W6TEmruA

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