Dreambaby Pink Or Blue?

Dreambaby Pink Or Blue?

Dreambaby Pink Or Blue?


Boy or Girl? Pink or Blue? Which colour will work for you?

Dreambaby is dedicated to creating care and safety products, to assist all new parents and carers, every step of the way, as their babies grow, and their needs change. Here are three new products ranges, all available in PINK or BLUE, perfect for your growing little one!

The new Dreambaby Deluxe Brush and Comb Set, is the must-have for all new babies. The Dreambaby Hair Brush is soft, with gentle bristles which glide through baby's soft hair. The easy-grip, small-sized handle is ideal for when your child (rapidly) become independent, and wants to 'do it themselves"! The Dreambaby Hair Comb has non-scratch, rounded teeth which will help to detangle baby's fine hair, without tears. The new Dreambaby Deluxe Brush and Comb Set is available in a pale PINK or a gorgeous baby BLUE RRP $9.95 each, and retails through leading baby stores nationally.

The Dreambaby new Grohangers, also available in PINK and BLUE, are a great investment as they conveniently adjust to the size of your little one's clothes and will last from birth, right through to older childhood (and yes, they do grow so quickly!). Simple pull out the strong and durable arms, to adjust your Dreambaby Grohanger to your child's size! Perfect for hanging the smallest of ensembles, right through to tweens' t-shirts, trousers, skirts and 'big girl" dresses! Dreambaby Grohangers in PINK and BLUE have a RRP of $5.95 (four pack) and retail through baby stores nationally.

When it comes time to toilet training your 'big" boy or girl toddler, most parents concur, it can be a little stressful. It's so important that they feel comfortable, secure and well supported during this process. With this in mind, Dreambaby released the Soft Touch Potty Seat. With its unique soft cushioned seat, contoured snug shape and high moulded back and sides, it's perfectly designed to give toddlers the confidence, reassurance and total comfort they need to succeed. The Dreambaby Soft Touch Potty Seat is available in BLUE, PINK and WHITE has an RRP $19.95 and retails through leading baby stores and pharmacies nationally.

Taking care of baby's gums and teeth should start as early as possible to promote a lifelong commitment to healthy dental habits. However as many parents will concur, it can prove a little difficult at times! With this in mind, Dreambaby has the Three Stage Baby Gum & Tooth Care set, available in 'blue" and 'pink", to help parents establish a daily oral hygiene routine with their baby from about three months of age.

Dreambaby Three Stage Baby Gum & Tooth Care set is available as a convenient pack of three brushes, graduating with your developing child.

The Stage 1 Brush is ideal for babies who have or who are just about to start teething. This brush consists of a textured rubber end, with no bristle, to gently massage sore and tender gums.
The Stage 2 Brush is designed for the developing teeth stage, when crevices are starting to form on the gums, as teeth begin to erupt. 
The Stage 3 Brush is the perfect 'first" real toothbrush for your baby. The gentle bristles ensure great oral hygiene for developing teeth, every morning and night. This stage is the most important; to ensure younger children enjoy teeth brushing, and to start them on their journey to maintaining their own developing teeth and mouth.

Dreambaby Three Stage Baby Gum & Tooth Care set is available in a set of Blue and a set of Pink and are available through selected pharmacies and baby stores nationally. RRP $9.95

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