Jennifer Hawkins the new face of Bubs

Jennifer Hawkins the new face of Bubs

In her first brand partnership as a new Mum, Jennifer Hawkins has signed up to be the new face of Bubs® founded by fellow Sydney Mum, Kristy Carr. Jennifer discovered Bubs® whilst in full research mode on the benefits of rice cereal and has been a fan of the organic range ever since.


Bubs was founded by a mum-of-three wanting the best for her bubs. Kristy Carr started cooking from her own kitchen on Sydney's Northern Beaches, launching Australia's first ever range of organic pouch baby food sold in Australian supermarkets. 


These days, it's more important than ever to know what your family is eating. Today, Bubs took their growth story to the next level, announcing that the Australia icon and new mum, Jennifer Hawkins is to officially become the Bubs® first ever global face of the brand in 2020 and beyond.


Jennifer Hawkins says: "I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the wider Bubs® family. As a new mother it was a huge decision what brand to choose and trust when I was introducing solids to Frankie. I actually started using Bubs® Organic puree pouches and rusks before being approached to be their global ambassador, which is amazing!


I currently breastfeed Frankie but will move to toddler milk after her first birthday, I'll confidently choose Bubs® Organic Toddler Milk because of their emphasis on Australian made quality and trusted reputation.  The Bubs® ethos of healthy nutrition and wellbeing perfectly aligns with my own values, which is why I am so happy and excited to take on this role!"


Kristy Carr, Bubs Chief Executive Officer, says "Parenting isn't easy, however having some familiar faces sharing their parenting journey really does make it easier. Jennifer is the perfect role model to represent Bubs® to young parents everywhere. She was a fan and user of the brand from the outset and through the Bubs® ambassadorship will bring that commitment to healthy infant nutrition and self-fulfilment to young parents who now more than ever are focused on quality infant nutrition as they navigate the journey through parenthood. When I was a new mother, I felt quite overwhelmed with all the choices to make regarding my kids' nutrition, and I'm really proud to have Bubs® provide healthy and delicious options."


Jennifer Hawkins will exclusively represent the Bubs® portfolio, including Bubs® Goat Toddler Milk, Bubs Organic® Grass-fed Cow's Toddler Milk, Junior Nutrition milk products, organic baby food, cereals and toddler snacks, as well as the new Vita Bubs® vitamin and mineral supplements range.


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