Dreambaby Bathroom Safety

Dreambaby Bathroom Safety

Dreambaby Bathroom Safety


Child safety experts name the family bathroom as one of the most dangerous places on earth for a small child. Recently KidSafe Australia confirmed that most poisonings (from both chemical and medicines) occur in the family bathroom. Children are also at risk from drowning in the bathroom (baths, toilets and sinks all pose a threat) and can seriously injure themselves from accidental falls and slips as a result of slippery surfaces. The message is to keep alert in bathroom areas at all times.


Carolyn Ziegler co-founder of Dreambaby®, the child safety brand, concurs that the family bathroom can be dangerous but she says there are many safety solutions that can help keep children safe. 'Bath time is actually fun for most children and it's a great bonding opportunity for parents and their little ones so it's an important place as well as a risky one.  Taking the time to plan for a safer bathroom space is the answer – it will make the world of difference to you, your family and your anxiety levels," she said.


She suggests the following ideas to help make the bathroom safer:


Keep your curious little ones locked out and well away from the toilet with the

help of the Dreambaby® Toilet Lock. Prevent infection, poisoning and potential drowning with this simple-to-install product. RRP$6.95


ALWAYS lock up your medicines, cleaning products, razors and even electrical hair appliances. Dreambaby® has a range of cupboard locks and latches including the Dreambaby® Angle Lock perfect for the corner cupboard and drawers that are often installed in bathroom areas. RRP$6.95


Dreambaby® Mini Suction Mats are an important addition to any child safety checklist. They help stop slipping and nasty falls in baths or shower recesses. They will also make bath time more fun! Perfect for the entire family! RRP$7.95 for a pack of six.


Keep your bathroom lit up throughout the night to help stop accidental falls and to provide comfort for little ones. The ingenious Dreambaby® Auto Sensor Swivel Light, automatically turns on in the dark and off in the light. The 360° rotating swivel head means you can cast a soft light in any direction, making

them ideal for use in the bathroom or just outside in hallway, so you can see your way clear.  RRP$9.95


Always check the bath temperature before bathing children to prevent accidental scalds and burns. The Dreambaby® Bath & Room Thermometer Duck (there is also a Dreambaby® Bath & Room Thermometer Croc) not only checks water temperature but also room temperature and provides hours of bath time fun since it doubles as a toy!  RRP$17.94


Dreambaby's® Butterfly outlet plugs will help protect power points in bathrooms from water splashes. They also act as a deterrent for those children who like inserting objects into them risking harmful electric shocks. RRP$2.95


At the end of a fun, toy-filled bath, pack up your children's treasures in the Dreambaby® Toy Bath Bag. It's the perfect way to keep your bathroom tidy and your child safe. When toys are not being used, they are best kept in a toy bag to avoid children slipping on them and injuring themselves. RRP$14.95


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