Katie Forsythe Baby Sleep Project Interview

Katie Forsythe Baby Sleep Project Interview

Katie Forsythe Baby Sleep Project Interview

Leading Australian -Baby Whisperer' Katie Forsythe intends to help thousands of children sleep better over the next 12 months by launching the Baby Sleep Project, an online sleep solution program designed specifically for children aged from six months to toddlers.

The program is an Australian first and offers practical advice for parents of children who resist sleep and will help restore order and serenity to the family unit.

Sleep expert Katie Forsythe has been praised by parents for her common sense approach to sleep and has worked with well-known Australian parents including Olympic Gold Medalist Libby Trickett.

'Libby's daughter was waking every 45 minutes and leaving her parents exhausted. After spending some time with her daughter Poppy, we implemented techniques that had her sleeping better within the week," Ms. Forsythe said.

The Baby Sleep Project is specifically designed for children who have regressed in their sleep routines or have never had consistent sleeping patterns and offers parents a money back guarantee.

'One in three consultations I would attend would be to rectify the sleep of a toddler, The Baby Sleep Project offers straight forward advice and techniques including, adjusting nutrition, sleep environment and length of wakeful periods," Ms. Forsythe said.

'Every parent has their own way of raising their kids, our philosophy is that if something isn't a problem for the parent, there isn't a problem. The techniques in the program offer guidance for parents who are finding it difficult to function in their daily lives because they can't get their children to sleep," Ms. Forsythe said.

Sleep deprivation can be linked to depression, anxiety, obesity and diabetes as well as leaving the sufferer sluggish and cognitively impaired making the return to the workforce extremely difficult.

Ashleigh Peters, mother to 22-month-old Sadie, says the Baby Sleep Project was a godsend as she was constantly stressed, snappy and forgetful due to lack of sleep for almost 18 months.

'Once I was so tired that when I went to work I forgot to put the handbrake on in my car, my car rolled through the car park and hit another car. The Baby Sleep Project techniques had my daughter sleeping through the night within three days of downloading the program," Ms. Peters said.

Katie is excited to have the program available online and hopes that parents worldwide tap into the program to save their sleep.

'I want to be able to say that this program has made a difference to sleep deprived families across the world by giving them a genuine, down-to-earth and clear solution that they can implement immediately and give them back the sleep they all need," Ms. Forsythe said.

Interview with Katie Forsythe

Question: What is the Baby Sleep Project?

Katie Forsythe: The Baby Sleep Project is a culmination of almost a year's work – it's essentially an online option for tired parents who aren't able to book a personal consultation. It has all of the information (and more) that we communicate to the parents we work with and is available instantly to exhausted parents. It's a mix of bite-sized videos and easy to read e-books and can be accessed as often as the parent wants.

Question: How does the program work, for parents?

Katie Forsythe: We address sleep holistically, we're not just about sleep guidance techniques. We encourage parents to examine every aspect around their little one's sleep – from emotional wellbeing to nutrition to room environment.

Question: Why did you create the Baby Sleep Project?

Katie Forsythe: Because we are overwhelmed by desperately tired parents wanting help. People often put off contacting us until they're at breaking point and then to wait another two weeks until we can work with them might seem like torture. We created this online option so that they can access everything we tell our clients instantly and absorb the information over and over again.

Question: Can you talk us through how you helped Libby Trickett and her daughter, Poppy?

Katie Forsythe: We did an overnight consultation with the Tricketts to address Poppy's sleep as she was 8 months of age and waking every 45 minutes overnight to feed. Libby was at her wit's end and contacted us hoping we'd be able to help. I have attached her testimonial for more information – you are able to quote her if you'd like.

Question: Is the Baby Sleep Project modified for each family?

Katie Forsythe: Being an online option, we aren't able to modify it as such BUT we give families multiple options to choose from when it comes to sleep guidance techniques and even within those techniques offer tweaks for younger babies or anxious parents that might make it easier to see through.

Question: How do daylight savings affect babies and toddlers?

Katie Forsythe: The worst effect of daylight savings is the sudden change of an hour – it even takes adults a couple of days to adapt to it! If we prepare for it in the week leading up to it though by gradually shifting baby's sleep times by 15 minutes every couple of days it lessens the impact.

Question: What tips do you have for creating a room that will enable babies and toddlers to sleep through the night?

Katie Forsythe: ou definitely want to keep stimulation levels low. Typically babies with sleep problems are what we would call -alert babies' so it's even more important with these babies than it is with most to keep stimulation levels low. Nightlights aren't generally necessary until around the age of two and music is not advised as the human brain with subconsciously try to predict what is coming next in the melody. Instead of lullabies while you little one sleeps, try a constant white noise like rain or ocean sounds.

Interview by Brooke Hunter