Stop Wondering If You’ll Ever Meet Him

Stop Wondering If You’ll Ever Meet Him

Stop Wondering If Youll Ever Meet Him

A Revolutionary Approach for Putting the Date Back into Dating

Dating and relationship experts Ryan Browning Cassaday and Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D., have their fingers on the pulse of what has become a cultural epidemic: Women just like you feel anxious, frustrated, and disappointed by the dating process. But they do more than provide gimmicky solutions while telling you whats wrong with your dating life; they teach you how to date by giving you a system that works.

How do you know it works? As friends and longtime business partners, Ryan and Jessica were dating other people when they began writing this book. However, during the time they were working on this project, they began dating each other. They followed their own system and fell more and more in love. After a year of dating, they were married in Ireland.


Ryan Browning Cassaday, a certified life coach, runs a worldwide dating and relationship consulting practice with his new wife, Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D.; and has co-created a revolutionary approach to dating and relationships called the Stop Wondering Method. He left a successful acting career on stage, TV, and film to pursue his true passion... helping people develop better relationships and live more fulfilling lives.

Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D., also known as Dr. C, is a clinical psychologist from New York who runs a successful dating and relationship consulting practice with her new husband, Ryan Browning Cassaday. Together they consult with clients all over the world on dating, love, sex, and relationship issues. Her personal passion for helping people have better relationships, combined with advanced training in sex therapy, has led to the creation of a unique and innovative approach to dating and relationships called the Stop Wondering Method.

Stop Wondering If Youll Ever Meet Him
Hay House
Author: Ryan and Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D.
ISBN: 9781401919719
RRP: $26.95

Interview with Jessica and Ryan Cassady

Why did you choose to write Stop Wondering If You'll Ever Meet Him?

Jessica and Ryan Cassady: We chose to write Stop Wondering If You'll Ever Meet Him because we noticed a trend among many of our clients (both men and women): people looking for a satisfying relationship were repeatedly finding heartbreak and frustration. The common complaints were that dating was too painful, too casual and hanging out and hooking up never leads to an intimate relationship. We also noticed that dating was causing anxiety for many people, who were tired of falling hard and fast only to find dead end relationships. Many of the women had read dating books, but did not find them helpful because most of the advice was centered on game playing and deception, which actually created more anxiety in the dating situation. We wrote a book that answered all of their questions without any artifice - a guide book that leads people step by step through a comprehensive dating plan that decreases anxiety while increasing pleasure and empowerment. Our book teaches a new approach to dating that helps people have the relationship they have always wanted.

What can readers expect from Stop Wondering If You'll Ever Meet Him?

Jessica and Ryan Cassady: Readers can expect a book that provides practical information about dating. They can expect a fun, easy-to-read book that is packed with powerful tools for creating the relationship they truly desire. This is not a joke book or a book designed to show people how to "get laid." This book is designed for serious individuals who are tired of dead ends and want real relationships with intimacy. Readers can expect guidance from two credentialed experts offering both the male and female perspective. We give our readers an approach to dating that is easy to follow and truly effective!

Do you think part of the reason women don't 'find' men is because they are too busy looking?

Jessica and Ryan Cassady: The problem is not looking; it's knowing how to look and knowing who you are looking for. While it is true that you may accidently bump into someone as you go through life, we believe that waiting for a perfect guy to magically appear in your life is not the best approach. We have found that many women don't "find" men because they don't know what they are looking for and wouldn't even know if they "found" him. We teach our readers that before you can "find" a great guy, you have to examine the concept of "type." Many women have an idea of their "type" or the characteristics that they desire in a partner. Sometimes these qualities are based on old relationships or what influential people in our lives have told us. It is very important to examine how you came to have a "type" and make sure that you are attracting someone who actually has relationship potential. In our book we teach women how to look, while also helping them to revise their search parameters.

Why don't you believe in love at first site?

Jessica and Ryan Cassady: Rather than love at first sight, we believe in the potential of love being reveled at first sight. We are not pessimists who believe that the wonderful idea of love at first sight is foolish or impossible. However, we have seen many people who have claimed to be "in love" fall "out of love" a few months down the road. We have found that many people confuse love at first sight with lust, so we like to clarify our terms. Love involves more than immediate intense feelings and butterflies in the tummy. While this immediate reaction may indeed lead to deeper feelings, we encourage people to explore the idea that love grows and intensifies. We teach our readers to interpret those initial strong feelings as an indication of potential true love that will be revealed over time.

Where can single women go to find a perfect partner?

Jessica and Ryan Cassady: It is not about going to a particular place, but about how you embark on your search. To find a perfect partner, you must first find people to date that seem interesting. Then you must determine if they have relationship potential and finally, over time, see if they are indeed "perfect" for you. Many women falsely believe that there are "perfect" men who they will someday meet and then they will have the chance to have a "perfect" boyfriend. A perfect match for one woman may be a terrible match for another. That's why it is so important to have a clear understanding of the unique traits that make a person a good fit for you. There is no such thing as perfect, only perfect for you. To find that person, you must find many potential perfect people, and then date them all (not sleep with them all) to discover who is the best match for you.




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