No Sex With Your Ex

No Sex With Your Ex

No Sex With Your Ex

All the advice you won't get from your parents.

From the best-selling author of No Tattoos Before Your Thirty.

'Sex. Drugs. Violence. It's almost as if we're scared of conjuring their existence by talking to our children about them. So how do you equip young adults to navigate the pitfalls of life without giving them bad ideas? How do you guide them without seeming to condone hazardous, illegal or antisocial behaviourů Allow me.'

No Sex With Your Ex! is the follow up volume to the bestselling No Tattoos Before Your Thirty, and is full of snippets of advice that you won't get from your parents.

From sexual etiquette to avoiding drug overdoses and staying away from violence, Sam de Brito delivers everything you need to know in his straight-talking way about Drugs and Alcohol, Socialising, Your Body, Sex, Relationships & Dating and Violence.

Sex - 'Love your body. The sexiest gift you can give your partner is being comfortable naked. You might think it's all about rockhard abs and flawless skin, but being confident with your clothes off is incredibly attractive. Just don't do it on video. Or on stage. Or on a pub pool table.'

Drugs and Alcohol- 'Don't try and keep up with the boys. Most girls cannot drink as much as guys. Matching dudes drink for drink is a great way to end up in the bathroom with the toilet seat hitting you in the back of the head.'

Your Body- 'One and your done. If you want to show off your legs with an outfit, don't reveal your bust as well. A single feature piece is enough.'

Sam De Brito has spent more than a decade writing for newspapers, film and TV including the series Water Rats, White Collar Blue and Stingers. His popular Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age blog, 'All Men Are Liars', expounds on the business of being a bloke, while his bestselling first book, No Tattoos Before You're Thirty, offers advice to his unborn children. In 2009 he published Building a Better Bloke, a book of advice for men on the subtle art of being attractive to the opposite sex. De Brito's first novel the Lost Boys was published in April 2008.

No Sex With Your Ex
Penguin Australia
Author: Sam De Brito
Price: $12.95




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