Kim Anami: Why Your Nether Regions Should Soak Up the Sun

Kim Anami: Why Your Nether Regions Should Soak Up the Sun

Kim Anami says everyone should let in the light where the sun don't shine. It's a ritual she says she practices herself daily.


"Every day there is sun shining between noon and 2 p.m., I am out there," Kim Anami says in a video on "I don't book appointments around this time. Everything has to happen before 11 [a.m.] and after 2:30 [p.m.]. I am running out to the sun, either to the beach or in my yard, and I am throwing off my clothes " and I'm getting my vagina out there."


Anami says the act leaves her feeling totally revitalized and reborn. She recommends sunning the testicles, vagina, and perineum. She advises starting slowly, with five minutes of unprotected sun exposure on the front of the body and another five minutes on the back of the body. The next day, Anami suggests ramping it up to 10 minutes on the front and 10 on the back. She says gradually building the sun exposure is key and she typically does 30 minutes on each side.


The surfer admits she does wear sunscreen on her face when she's catching waves and shies away from commercial sunscreen. She says she applies botanical oils to her breasts, yoni (or vagina), and face before and after sun exposure. Her preferred choice of ointment is the Yoni Ambrosia massage oil from her own Anami Alchemia line. Packed with jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, rose petals, calendula petals, and other organic skin-soothing delights, she says it's beneficial for the breasts and yoni.


"In the Taoist philosophy, the perineum is considered to be an energetic gateway between life and death and exposing it to the sun is thought to be a way to mainline this beautiful high-level regenerative life-giving energy and take it into the system," Anami says. "Some people say that only 30 seconds of sunlight on the perineum can supercharge your organs, balance hormones, improve concentration, and ignite your sex drive."  


Kim Anami Says Vitamin D Can Give a Boost in the Bedroom  


It's no secret vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and is critical for bone-building. Exposure to sunlight is the primary source of natural vitamin D. 


"The notion of the sun as a healer and life-giver is an ancient idea that's been [used] in [clinical settings] as early as the 1900s," Anami says. "In this time, we find sun clinics for treating tuberculosis and a variety of ailments. In Switzerland, Dr. [Auguste] Rollier used daily sun exposure in his sanatoriums or 'sunatoriums,' as I call them, with patients being wheeled out to spend the day in the sunlight with great success."

After an hour of lying in the sun, Kim Anami says she feels more sensual and extremely turned on.


"I work my whole day around it and that's my natural midday siesta and recharge," Anami says. "If I'm not doing meditate/masturbate/create, which I pretty much do anyway, I also do my sun exposure as a regular, nonnegotiable daily habit." 


Kim Anami also cited biohacker Ben Mo Greenfield for experimenting with red light exposure on his penis and testes. 


"He built up from five minutes a day to a 20-minute light exposure," Anami says. 


Anami shares that Greenfield said he proceeded to sit across from his wife at dinner that night, burning with the intense desire to hook up with her. Upon climaxing, he described it as one of the most explosive sex sessions of his life.


In a study published by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology in 2016, scientists in Italy found that two weeks of bright light therapy on men increased sexual satisfaction scores and testosterone levels by 300%. 

"Since testosterone is also  responsible for sexual health and libido in both sexes, I'd consider these results to be relevant to women as well," Anami implies. "This whole energetic process of opening up to the sun, opening up your dark places, opening up your shadow, and the whole premise of the sun is [seeing] the sun as the life-giver. It nourishes life. It brings light and life to everything. We're taking that into us."



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