How to Get Excited About Life Again If You're Stuck in a Rut

How to Get Excited About Life Again If You're Stuck in a Rut

Boredom and general disenchantment with life aren't exclusive to middle-aged men going through a mid-life crisis. Those things can (and do) happen to women, as well, even when they're still relatively young and beautiful with their entire futures still ahead of them.


So what's a sugar baby to do when she's not even out of her youth yet and already wondering whether this is really all there is? Well, the answer will be different for everyone, but the following are a few tips for figuring things out.


Reevaluate your career path

Although society (and possibly your parents) might lead you to believe that you need to decide on a career path before you're even out of high school and stick with it your entire life, that's not how things actually go for most. (The average person actually makes several career switches throughout their life.)


Ultimately, you spend too much of your time working to be doing something you don't like or that bores you to tears – especially if you're still relatively young. So consider what you're really into and look into making it part of your professional future.


Reassess your relationship situation

If you're like many bright, beautiful, exceptional young women, you're probably less than satisfied with your love life. If you're not stuck in a lackluster relationship with a man-child who expects you to look after him like he's your child, you're on a perpetual bad date merry-go-round.


Like your job, your primary romantic relationship takes up a lot of bandwidth in your life. So if you're in the wrong situation, it makes sense that you'd be pretty bored with life. Why not ditch the emotionally immature losers you're used to for good and find a handsome, established sugar daddy who'll treat you right instead? It's a serious game-changer.


Get out there and learn something

Don't make the mistake of thinking it's only worth learning something if you plan to apply it to your professional life. Learning something new for its own sake – just because you want to or because it interests you – is one of the quickest ways to feel more enthusiastic about life again.


Have you always wanted to learn how to prepare gourmet meals from scratch so you can wow the pants off of your family and friends when they come over? Sign up for a cooking class. Have you always dreamed of mastering another language? Start learning it now, and see how long it takes you to achieve fluency. Follow your bliss, and have fun improving yourself.


Consider a change of scenery

Relocating can be a terrifying process, but it's also one of the most potentially rewarding – especially if you currently live somewhere without many opportunities to branch out in life. Bigger cities offer a young sugar baby more options for getting ahead in her professional life. They're full of exciting people to meet, companies to explore, and engaging cultural experiences to absorb.


They are also often better places to meet sugar daddies who are more in tune with where you really want to be in life. Aligning yourself with the right people is a massive part of getting what you want from life personally, professionally, and socially.

Treat yourself to a makeover

No, hitting the gym or getting a new haircut isn't going to solve all your problems or lead to a more exciting life simply landing on your doorstep. But it's incredible just how strongly a change in appearance can add up to a change in outlook. (Just think of all that career advice that tells you to dress for the job you want, as opposed to the job you have.)


So if you've been looking for an excuse to upgrade your look, consider this it. A more put-together, polished look doesn't just help you feel better and more confident. It helps you make the best possible impression on other people, as well – everyone from a sugar daddy you might want to date, to a potential new boss, to new neighbors you're looking to befriend.


Go out and reconnect with the world

The internet and social media are incredible ways to stay connected to people and learn new things, but they're no substitute for real-world experiences. So if life's been feeling a little boring lately, there's no better way to breathe new life into your existence than to log off for a while and reconnect with the outside world.


How you reconnect is entirely up to you. Make it as simple as calling up an old friend and rekindling your friendship or getting more involved in your community. Or you can embrace the idea of traveling, hop on a plane, and visit a faraway destination you've always wanted to see. Shake things up a little or a lot. It's your life, so get out there and make it everything you want it to be.



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