What Kind Of Pleasure Awaits You?

What Kind Of Pleasure Awaits You?

Last Summer's Best-Selling Female Masturbator Gets An Upgrade: What Kind Of Pleasure Awaits You?

When it comes to pleasure, satisfying yourself with the use of your hands is no longer your only option. People tend to experiment on things readily available at home to help attain an orgasm.

As such, companies and brands keep developing new features and compete on the kind of pleasure their products could provide to their customers. For example, one of the prominent adult toy brands, Tracy's Dog, impacted last summer by making waves of overwhelming reactions from people who bought their product.

The product is known as OG vibrator. It became a best-seller, and today, they introduced a new and improved version of the OG vibrator called OG Pro2. If OG made it last summer, what kind of pleasure does OG Pro2 have in store for you? If you are curious, let's go and find out!

OG Pro2 Features
A fantastic set of features gives a specific product an advantage against its competitors. Hence, Tracy's Dog upped their game, improved the already famous OG Vibrator, and turned it to OG Pro2. Here are Pro2's compelling features:

10 Suction Modes For Clitoral Stimulation
If one mode isn't enough pleasure, worry not! OG Pro2 offers not one but ten different suction modes to help stimulate your clitoris even more. Though it intensifies gradually, it has a sense of gentleness when you increase the intensity from one to ten.

10 Vibration Modes For G-Spot Pleasure
The g-spot is what many describe as women's heaven. With the new and improved Pro2, you will be closer to heaven than you ever were. The ten vibration modes directly stimulate the g-spot allowing a mind-blowing orgasm. Try every mode gradually and choose your preferred intensity starting from 1 up to 10.

Remote Controlled
What makes OG Pro 2 more fun is the fact that it has remote control capability. Changing the vibrational frequencies is a lot more convenient. You can just lay down and let the remote control take you from there.

It is also useful when you have a partner. Just imagine how playful you can be experiencing a sudden change of intensity at the hands of an enthusiastic partner. Given a range of six to ten meters, you and your significant other can tease each other all you want.

Body-Safe-Silicone Material
Safety is one of the considerations most consumers look for in a product. In other words, you have to make sure that before buying or using a product like adult toys, it has to be FDA approved. Pro2 offers just that.

OG Pro2 is made up of high-quality silicone material designed to be durable enough for internal use. It is odorless and guaranteed body-safe. If you're looking for pleasure and safety in one, Tracy's Dog OG Pro2 got you covered.

Most electric devices are susceptible to water damage. However, the development of a waterproof mechanism negated that weakness. Hence, adult toy devices used waterproof technology to make their products more durable.

Tracy's dog incorporated the said feature in most of their products, including OG Pro2. Using materials with an IPX-7 rating, Pro2 is 100% waterproof and can last up to 30 minutes under 1-meter water depth.

USB charging
These days, almost all electrical devices have USB charging capabilities allowing easy access to ports such as laptops, computers, and power banks for charging purposes. And OG Pro2 has that.

Pro2 can last up to 50 minutes of continuous playtime in one full charge. If you're planning to use it and it is low on battery, recharge it ahead. The charging duration will take at least 2.5 hours to full, and then you're up again for another pleasurable ride.

Some Overwhelming Customer Reviews You Would Want To See
"Awesome toy"

My wife loves it!! I bought it for her as a surprise and omg she loves it which makes me love it!!!"

"I have a lot of toys, a lot of expensive toys at that, & this one right here, this one put them ALLLLLL to shame. I had never orgasm so quickly, so powerfully & so many times as I do with this little toy. 10/100 definitely recommend."

You gotta love the way these people enjoyed OG Pro2! Now, if you're convinced, then grab yours today and experience the power of Tracy's Dog's new and improved OG vibrator.

Final Thoughts
It is, indeed, one hell of a ride for the OG vibrator's journey from last summer. It garnered enough feedback and became a best-seller. Today, the new and improved version, OG Pro2, is starting to make some noise in the market.

So, if you are looking for a worthy vibrator, then OG Pro2 is for you! Don't worry, even if you're in different parts of the world, Tracy's Dog can still accommodate your needs through Amazon. Australian fans can purchase here and shop to their heart's content. Given the record set by its predecessor last summer, Pro2 has so much in store for you. What are you waiting for? Check out tracysdog.com to experience pleasure like never before.


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