6 Proven Tips To Boost Your Sex Drive

6 Proven Tips To Boost Your Sex Drive

6 Proven Tips To Boost Your Sex Drive

Do you constantly feel tired or not in the mood whenever your partner invites you for a lovemaking session in bed? Or perhaps, you've recently noticed your desire for sex or intimacy fluctuating each day. If you've been feeling these things lately, you may be having a low sex drive. Some factors could affect a person's sex drive, otherwise known as libido. Don't worry, as a low sex drive doesn't necessarily mean you're losing interest in your relationship.

Most of the time, a fluctuating sex drive has to do with your body's hormonal changes, stress levels, or hectic schedules. Your age could also play a role in one's lower sex drive. While a lower libido isn't an alarming issue, it can adversely affect a person's self-esteem as they may feel like they're not any more satisfying their partner in bed.

Thankfully, there are tips to help boost your sex drive regardless of your age. If you want to regain your once strong libido and give your partner the best sex of their life every night, here are six proven tips that could help boost your sex drive.

1. Improve Your Foreplay Sessions
One of the reasons some people experience lower sex drive is because they feel like they're stuck in a sex rut. When they feel that sex has become a routine or a chore, they lose interest in intimacy and lose their sexual drive sooner or later. Improving your sexual experience could stimulate your brain's sexual desires, and therefore, boost your sex drive. You can enhance your sexual experiences by searching for sex tips and tricks for better foreplay sessions.

Through foreplay, you and your partner will have more time to explore your bodies; share more kisses, hugs, and cuddles; and physically and mentally prepare yourself for the actual lovemaking. You can also improve your foreplay sessions by adding sex toys or engaging in oral sex. The more you and your partner are stimulated during foreplay, the easier it will be for you to achieve a pleasurable orgasm in the end.

2. Work On The Quality Of Your Relationship
Most people tend to experience a lull in their sex drive at some point in their relationship, especially if they've been with the same partner for so long. When you no longer feel sexually attracted to them, it may also be hard to boost your sexual drive and get intimate with them. One way to resolve this is by working on the quality of your relationship. Your sex drive shouldn't dissipate because you've been together for so long. Here are a few things you can do to improve your relationship, including your sex life:

• Attend sex therapy together.
• Plan more date nights.
• Set more quality time for each other.
• Go on a vacation.

The better the quality of your relationship and the stronger bond you both have together, the easier it will be for you to get intimate with your partner and boost your sex drive.

3. Manage Your Anxiety Levels
Sometimes, the cause of your lower sex drive isn't always because of your relationship's lack of intimacy. It could also be due to health issues such as anxiety. When you're constantly anxious, you're less likely to feel any sexual desire at all, and in some cases, it could lead to sexual dysfunction. Thus, if you're feeling more anxious than usual, you need to find ways to manage and deal with it healthily. Some tips to help manage your anxiety may include practising relaxation techniques, taking anti-anxiety medications prescribed by the doctor, and attending therapy.

4. Exercise More
Everyone knows how exercise brings numerous benefits to one's health, including boosting your sex drive. Regular exercise will help improve your mood, promote a positive body image, and enhance your endocrine system. All these will lead to better and stronger libido and help you get your sex life back. There are no rules as to which exercise will help improve your libido. You can do whatever activity you enjoy the most.

5. Get Enough Sleep
The quality of your sleep every night can also impact your sex drive. That's because your sleep controls your body's hormone secretion, including those needed for sex. If you're deprived of sleep constantly, you're likely to have decreased sex hormones. Meanwhile, getting enough sleep will boost your testosterone levels (for men) and oestrogen levels (for women).

6. Eat Food That Will Boost Your Sex Drive
Did you know that the food you eat can also directly affect your sex drive? Eating those rich in saturated fats and sodium can lower your testosterone or oestrogen levels, ultimately leading to a lower sex drive and decreased sexual health.

To keep your libido on the go, make sure to have a nutritious diet that will be good for your sexual health. These may include whole grains, zinc-rich food, and high-flavonoid food. These will help regulate your sexual hormones and promote blood circulation into your body, including your reproductive system.

Key Takeaway
At some point in your life, your sex drive will eventually fluctuate. Therefore, let these tips help you elevate your sex drive so you can get back on your usual sexually active self and get it on with your partner any time.


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