Prepared for Any Date

Prepared for Any Date

How to Be Thoroughly Prepared for Any First Sugar Date

Let's face it. As fun and exciting as first dates can be, they really never stop being nerve-wracking, as well. That isn't something that stops once you make the jump from traditional dating to sugar dating, either. However, being adequately prepared becomes infinitely more important.

When you've got a first date with a promising potential sugar daddy coming up, it's more important than ever to make the right impression, so preparedness is key. Here are a few essentials for making sure you're totally ready for any first sugar date.

Consider discussing expectations beforehand.
Once a sugar baby has a little experience under her belt, she knows that every daddy is different regarding the type of arrangement he might be expecting. Great sugar dating arrangements are based on honesty, forthrightness, and the ability of both people to be upfront about what they're looking for.

However, it's definitely possible to get all the way to a first meetup and still find out you have wildly different pictures in mind of what an ideal sugar relationship looks like. So consider hashing out some of those details over the phone or instant message before getting together. It makes it easier for busy people to avoid potentially wasting each other's time.

Agree on a meeting place.
Always agree on a meeting place for your date before finalizing your plans. That way, you can ensure the choice is safe, appropriate, and desirable before committing to anything. A restaurant is always a solid first choice. It allows for plenty of good conversation and even an intimate moment or two if desired (like sharing a dessert). However, it's also public, safe, and likely to appeal to anyone.

Always arrange your own transportation to and from the date, so you don't potentially wind up stuck in a car with someone you're uncomfortable with. Go easy on the alcohol, as well, no matter how delicious the champagne is. You want to be clearheaded enough to make good, sound decisions and a good impression.

Choose the right thing to wear.
Picking out the perfect outfit for a first date is never easy, so you're right to want to give your choice some thought in advance. Naturally, if you are meeting up at a nice restaurant, there's probably a dress code in place, so you'll want to find out what it is and dress appropriately. But you want to choose an outfit that shows off your good looks, as well.

Choose a look that's pretty but classy and understated. Think pencil skirts, tasteful blouses, and classic jewelry choices that don't come across as tacky or overdone. Makeup and hair should be well-done but not fussy or overly elaborate. The idea is to simply enhance your natural looks, not hide or overdo them.

Do your homework on your date.
Easy conversation that flows and sparkles effortlessly is the key to a beautiful first sugar date, so you'll definitely want to prepare to deliver that. Think of this as your chance to show a potential future sugar daddy just how fun and easy it will be to have you around. That said, it helps to have at least some idea of what he'd like to talk about so you can be prepared.

If the two of you have already talked much, then you likely know a little about your date. But don't be afraid to take the initiative and learn more. Maybe he's a huge history buff, a travel enthusiast, or super dialed in when it comes to current events. Study up on those topics so you'll be able to comfortably hold up your end of a conversation.

Don't forget to have fun.

It can be tempting to adopt a strictly no-nonsense approach to getting ready when you really like a potential daddy and feel super invested in how your first date plays out. And yes, it's always essential to take dates seriously and be prepared when you're dating in the sugar bowl. This sugar daddy might just be the one. You'll naturally be sizing your date up, he'll be doing the same, and first impressions are important. Just don't focus so hard on being the perfect date that you forget to have fun.

Relax and soak up the atmosphere of the venue you two chose for your date. Be your natural effervescent self, and enjoy the excellent company of your date. Smile, laugh, and have a good time. When you relax and enjoy the moment a little, dating can be so much fun, especially when you're doing it in the sugar bowl.

After all, what's the worst that can happen? If you and your date decide you're not a fit, you just thank him for the date, go home, and go out with someone else tomorrow. You'll still have had a fantastic time and perhaps learned something new about what you'd like in a potential partner.


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