Shapeshifters Weight loss - first things first

Shapeshifters Weight loss - first things first
There is so much diet information around and so many fads and its hard to know what to listen to and what to ignore. I want to share some tried and true strategies that worked and helped me lose 20 kilos. Here are our top ten tips to keep you focused on what really works for weight loss and health gain!

Eating Meal Plan Below

1. Change your mind - its as simple as changing your mind! Analyse your thoughts on healthy eating and exercise. How do you currently view healthy eating and regular exercise? If you are looking to change your life and live a healthy lifestyle you will be required to embrace healthy eating and regular exercise and learn to love yourself.

2. Get clear - What do you truly desire? What do you want your life to look like and what do you want to look like. Getting clear starts with working out what you truly value in life, what drives and motivates you. Is it health, money, love or something else entirely?

3. Visualise - Write it down or if you are a more visual creature create a vision board - a collage full of images of how you want to look and your life to be. Write down a long term vision 1, 2, or 5 years from now what you will look like and what you will be doing. Imagine all goes perfectly to plan and there are no obstacles in your way!

4. Set goals - Set SMART, daily weekly and long-term goals. Using your vision as a guide, set goals that are specific, measurable, realistic, attractive and time-framed. Get really clear on what you are trying to achieve and write a goal statement that truly inspires you.

5. Educate yourself - when I started out on my weight loss journey I had little clue about portion sizes and how to read food labels. There are lots of good resources on the internet that can guide you on these important topics, try as a good starting point.

6. Organise a journal to record your journey - start the journal by entering your starting weight and your healthy weight range goal. Record what you eat each and every day. Make it a habit to record everything that you consume, beverages included.

7. Hire a coach - hire a coach that specialises in health and weight loss and who has personally achieved weight loss success themselves - like me. Choose a coach who offers a personally tailored one-on-one program they have personally designed - like the Shapeshifters program.

8. Be prepared - know your strengths & weaknesses. Reflect back on what has worked in the past to achieve health and your ideal weight and what hasnt. Hone in on the things that worked and use those strategies again. Rethink the things that didnt work and how you can overcome them before they get in the way this time around.

9. Commit - think about your goals consistently and do something every day to work towards achieving your goals. If you dont take action - no-one else well.

10. Persist - never give up! Sometimes the journey will seem hard and lonely but keep going. Look back at your vision board, reread your goal statements and remind yourself why you are doing this and of your final outcome. Get excited about where you are heading and how brilliant it will feel and how brilliant you will feel when you get there.

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Sample Meal/Eating Plan

This weekly eating plan is based on our directors personal eating patterns following her research and education into nutrition and weight loss. This is the actual plan that she followed to lose 20 kilos and she has copied it from my her own Thought for Food Journal (available from Shapeshifters).

Day 1

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
½ cup of cereal ½ cup of milk 1 cup of coffee 1 slice mountain bread 1 piece low-fat cheese 1 piece light ham 6-inch Subway roast chicken roll sub with all salads 1 orange 1 pear 1 WW fruit roll 1 box of sultanas
1 WW ice cream
1 WW cookie

*WW = weight watchers

Day 2

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
½ cup of cereal ½ wholemeal (large) ½ cup jasmine rice 2 WW cookies
½ cup of milk pita bread chicken red curry (WW 1/2 cup popcorn (salt
1 cup of coffee with tomato & recipe) only)
fetta skinny dip ½ cup yoghurt shop yoghurt

Day 3

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
½ cup of cereal Homemade curry 1 cup wholemeal pasta 2 cups popcorn
½ cup of milk pumpkin soup home-made red pasta 2 WW cookies
1 cup of coffee ½ piece wholemeal pita sauce made with lean 1 WW ice cream
(large) bread mince*

*ask Shapeshifter's for their authentic Italian-style recipe

Day 4

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
1 slice wholemeal toast Three bean salad with 1 trim small scotch 2 WW cookies
1 poached egg sweet corn, Spanish onion, capsicum, celery and cherry tomato with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar fillet (200g) salad with olives, fetta, caps, red onion, cherry tomato & baby spinach 1 tub low-fat yoghurt 1 WW fruit bar 1 pack sultanas 2 cups popcorn

Day 5

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
½ cup of cereal 4 light wholemeal Roast lamb 1 WW fruit roll
½ cup of milk crackers 100 g Pumpkin 1 box of sultanas
1 cup of coffee 2 slices low-fat cheese 2 small Potato 4 WW cookies
1 sweet spiced gherkin 2 Parsnip
½ tomato 2 Parsnip Yorkshire pudding

Day 6

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
½ cup of cereal ½ cup of milk 1 cup of coffee 2 sushi rolls warm chicken salad – ½ chicken fillet, baby spinach, capsicum, red onion, olives, fetta, 1 glass wine 2 WW cookies
low-fate natural
yoghurt mixed with mint as dressing

Day 7

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
1 slice wholemeal toast 1 slice mountain bread Atlantic salmon grilled 1 WW chocolate bar
1 poached egg 1 piece low-fat cheese with summer salad 3 WW cookies
4 grilled mushrooms 1 piece light ham 1 Ferrero Rocher
1 grilled tomato
3 pieces short cut
bacon with fat trimmed