Fit with Mandy Rose

Fit with Mandy Rose

In a match that amounted to a battle for WWE Superstar, Mandy Rose's affection, Otis defeated Dolph Ziggler on Night 2 of WrestleMania36 this past Sunday. Mandy Rose involved herself in the match when she walked down to ringside and slapped longtime partner Sonya Deville before entering the ring and delivering a low blow to Ziggler. The match led to the feelgood moment of the night where Otis finally got his kiss from Mandy Rose which led fans wondering what will happen to team Fire & Desire.

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Proving that there is no limit to what the modern-day Wonder Woman is capable of, the former WBFF Bikini World Champion and model has been working as a successful entrepreneur, launching her iOS app "Fit with Mandy" aimed to make health and fitness easy and accessible for men and women worldwide. Mandy has mastered a healthy and active lifestyle while simultaneously being on the road over 300 days a year. Mandy wants to make health and fitness easy and accessible for men and women worldwide and is the ultimate example of fighting against all excuses to lead to a better version of yourself. This fitness program works all body parts as well as cardio regimens of all levels. Whether you work out at home or in a gym and whether you are advanced or just beginning, this program will guide you step by step and become the best version of yourself!


- High intensity interval training (HIIT)

- Upper and lower body resistance training

- Core strengthening circuits

- Video form demonstration

- Daily muscle group specific workouts

- Total body fat burn circuits


Mandy signed a contract with WWE the same night of the finale of "Tough Enough," and was also sought after to become a main cast member of season 5 of E!'s "Total Divas." E!'s "Total Divas" is a reality television series that gives viewers an inside look into the lives of female WWE wrestlers, from their work within WWE to behind-the-scenes footage from their personal lives. After the spotlight she received on her season, WWE highlighted her "Fire and Desire" tag team partnership with fellow superstar Daria Berenato (aka Sonya Deville) and the duo have become unstoppable ever since.



These modern-day Wonder Women are the ultimate example of fighting against all excuses to lead to a better version of yourself, being on the road over 300 days a year, they have mastered balancing a healthy and active lifestyle and their obsession with food. The pair recognizes that women are put under extreme pressure to look a certain way while eating a restrictive diet, and they combat these stereotypes to demonstrate that you can be in excellent shape while enjoying the pleasures of life. That same passion led them to create DAMANDYZ, the increasingly popular YouTube channel that documents their many travels, food addiction and the ultimate search for "the best donut in the world."


When she's not traveling the country for SmackDown Live year-round or tasting each city's best donuts, Mandy spends her time working out, cooking, bike riding and supporting LGBT initiatives


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