Linda Wisbey Interview

Linda Wisbey Interview

54 Year-Old Gold Coast Mum Proves Age Is No Barrier to Dream Career

Local mum and owner of KX Pilates Miami, Linda Wisbey, says there is no age limit to achieving business success, it can happen at any stage of life.

Linda Wisbey, 54, has found success later in life, bringing locals a new workout that complements the Coast's laidback lifestyle while pursuing a lifelong dream.

A Broadbeach Waters local of 22 years, Linda's passion for health and wellness led her to take a risk and open her own KX Pilates studio on the Gold Coast.

Determined to pave the way to her own success, Linda left behind a steady job as a Bookkeeper, aged 33, to pursue her passion, completing her Certificate III and IV in Fitness, while raising her two sons, Ryan, 21 and Sam, 17.

Followed by a career as a Weight Loss Consultant at Jenny Craig, and PT and Pilates instructor at the Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre, Linda thought she had mastered all fitness trends until one KX Pilates class led her to become her own boss.

"A friend in Melbourne told me about KX Pilates, so I flew to Sydney to meet with the owner, KX Pilates Master Trainer and Founder, Aaron Smith, and try a class in Surry Hills.

"One class was all it took - I was addicted. From then on, I knew the Coast needed this form of fitness and it was the perfect venture to pursue my dream of owning my own fitness studio.

Linda says taking a risk to invest in a franchise has paid off by allowing her to achieve the balance she desired.

"It's always a risk investing in anything. Coming from a steady income, to putting it all on the line to invest in your own venture or franchise is daunting, but well worth it.

"I now make my own hours, achieve the life I always strived for and I get to work in an industry I'm passionate about.

Linda says KX Pilates is the fitness trend Gold Coasters crave.

"The lifestyle is like no other. I knew KX would be a great business opportunity because it complements all areas of fitness, whether you are a runner, a swimmer or a surfer, by strengthening and stabilising core muscles.

"It's perfect for the locals, offering a high-performance workout in 50 minutes, so they can get back outdoors.

Linda credits her studio's success to creating a welcoming and friendly environment for her clients.

"I wanted to ensure we created a place unlike other fitness franchises on the Coast, where clients feel comfortable to work out in a safe space with no pressure or peering eyes.

"We want to encourage our clients with workouts that suit all forms of fitness levels, even high-level athletes," she said.

Linda's advice for anyone looking for a career change at any age is to be prepared to put in the effort and have a true passion.

"Surround yourself with likeminded people. Age is just a number. Having a great product and service that people will be attracted to is key, as well as a great team of staff - our teachers are a vital part of our studio.

"It's also great to have the support of a franchise network to start up. You need to understand your location and demographics. Get to know your local community, be open to learning new things and meeting new people," she said.

Linda has possible future plans to open more studios to bring KX Pilates to the Northern end of the Gold Coast.

To learn more about how you can join the KX Pilates fitness journey, visit Linda and her team at the Miami Studio.

For information on starting your own KX Pilates franchise in QLD, head to

Interview with Linda Wisbey

Question: What originally inspired you to make a career change later in life?

Linda Wisbey: After having two children in my 30's and being a stay-at-home mum for a few years, I decided that if I was going back to work, it was going to be on my terms and to do something that made me excited to show up every day! I studied at Tafe for a year to obtain my Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, and haven't looked back since. I had previously been a bookkeeper and the thought of going back to an office job no longer appealed.

Question: When did you first try KX Pilates?

Linda Wisbey: After reading about the KX workout, I flew to Sydney to try a class and meet with the founder, Aaron Smith to discuss becoming a franchisee.

Question: What do you love about KX Pilates?

Linda Wisbey: First and foremost the amazing workout! Reformer Pilates works way more muscles than your average gym class or weights session. Plus it's fun and upbeat with great music! I also love the staff and clients at KX - our studio is such a happy place to be. It's extremely welcoming and non judgemental.

Question: What do first timers need to know before attending a KX Pilates class?

Linda Wisbey: We will explain the reformer set up to each new client when they arrive, and also give any modifications necessary if clients have an injury or are new to fitness. We will also give advancements to clients who need to step it up a level. Get ready to see results!

Question: Can you explain the difference between KX Pilates and a normal Pilates classes?

Linda Wisbey: Mat classes incorporate body weight exercises, while reformer beds use different weighted spring combinations to adjust the resistance (to make it harder or easier to move the carriage back and forth).

KX Pilates is a high intensity 50 minute workout, challenging stability if on a light spring, forcing you to engage deep stabilising muscles (this is generally where the shakes happen), and we can use heavy springs for strength work.

You have a lot more variety on a reformer. The options are endless! Hence no class is ever the same.

Question: What positive effects does KX Pilates have on our bodies?

Linda Wisbey: The benefits of Reformer Pilates include overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Core strength and muscular endurance are increased also. These things, in turn, lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful and efficient movement, and for many, relief from back pain.

We also incorporate some cardio using jump boards and other props to burn calories. Think toned abs, legs, arms, back and booty.

Question: Do you have a morning routine; can you share it with us?

Linda Wisbey: I try not to use an alarm and just wake up when the sun comes up (unless I'm teaching a 5.30am class). I start the day with a glass of warm lemon water before some homemade cereal with fruit and yogurt. Then off to the studio for a workout, after dropping my son at school. Sometimes I squeeze a beach walk in as well.

Question: What message do you hope to spread to other women in their 50's?

Linda Wisbey: That you can actually feel better as you age, as long as you eat well, exercise sensibly, get enough rest and stress less. I think it's important to be accountable for your own health. I always research all options if I have any health issues and use my instincts to guide me.

Question: How did you go about launching your own KX Pilates studio?

Linda Wisbey: It took quite a few months to find suitable premises, but once we did the rest was a smooth process including fit-out, training new KX trainers, advertising, back office setup, then our open day, all with the help and guidance from the franchisor.

Question: What do you hope to achieve at your KX Pilates studio?

Linda Wisbey: To introduce as many Gold Coasters to Reformer Pilates as I can! I would love to see KX Pilates become as popular in Queensland as it is in the southern states.


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