Commando Steve's GetCommandoFit

Commando Steve's GetCommandoFit

Commando Steve's GetCommandoFit


With the New Year well under way and the nation poised to get fit with their New Year's resolutions, Commando Steve's GetCommandoFit is back in 2015 with Mission 2 which introduces a new workout program, -Get Active', providing an entry level approach to getting fit and healthy.

Kicking off on 16th February, Mission 2 offers a 13 week health and fitness journey with a 1 week upfront fundamentals and education week and then 12 weeks of workout plans, daily recipes, healthy meal plans and Commando's motivation videos. Mission 2 sees the introduction of -Get Active', an innovative program which joins GetCommandoFit's existing three tiered fitness levels: -Get Fit', -Get Fit Intermediate' and -Get Fit Advanced'. Registration for Mission 2 is now open (as of 1st January), so there's no better time to start planning the fit and healthy mind and body you've been dreaming of this summer.

GetCommandoFit's training program has been developed by Commando Steve based on his unique skill set and experience as a Commando in the Special Forces of the Australian Army, as well as a highly acclaimed CrossFit athlete and accredited personal trainer. Along with Commando, the program has been developed by an expert health and fitness team including nutritionist Kelly Richardson, Chef Kim Wiggins, Sports Chiropractor Luke Khoury and Sports Scientist Selasi Berdie.

It's hard to put a step wrong on the path to achieving better health and fitness with GetCommandoFit as the program is tailored to users' experiences and choices, offering regular individual performance and progress monitoring, -squad' training to encourage group development, and motivation from Commando himself to help inspire people to live life to the fullest – changing bad habits and abolishing self-doubt.

With simple and easy-to-follow meal plans, recipes and shopping lists, GetCommandoFit works on the simple principle of including good, quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates in each meal and snack for a holistic improvement to health and wellbeing. GetCommandoFit is stripping it back to the way we used to consume food 40 or 50 years ago, before we became a society reliant on highly processed foods full of sugars, trans fats and artificial flavours. This is about real food, cooked from scratch in the home.

Utilising no exercise equipment at all, the new -Get Active Workout Plan' reintroduces everyday functional movements back into your life. For those new to GetCommandoFit training and those who do not exercise regularly it is carefully designed to help ease people back into an active lifestyle. The plan consists of workouts three to five days per week and can be done from almost any location, making it an extremely versatile lifestyle option for people of all ages and abilities.

For the exercise enthusiast seeking a more intense workout, the -Get Fit' Workout Plan consists of three to five workouts per week and requires the use of dumbbells and a jump rope. The -Get Fit Intermediate' Workout Plan is designed for those wanting more variety and dramatic results from their training, and consists of six challenging workout days and occasional bonus 'Commando Kicker' exercises. Leading the charge is the -Get Fit Advanced' Program that is designed for those who are serious about their training such as CrossFit enthusiasts, athletes, instructors, sporting teams and military personnel looking for a new, challenging and varied training program.

The mental preparation ahead of Mission 2 continues with the upcoming release of Commando Steve's new book -Get Commando Fit'. It doesn't matter if you're a desk jockey, a busy mum or managing a company, Commando Steve provides you with the building blocks you need to kick-start your fitness journey, along with the motivation you need to keep going. Combining fully illustrated functional exercises, a fitness program that will get you moving, and delicious, balanced recipes to fuel you to optimum health, this is the book you need to get into top shape. -Get Commando Fit' launches on 27th January (RRP $29.99; e-book $16.99).

GetCommandoFit Mission 2 is a one-off cost of $199 (save $46.70) or $18.90 per week for 13 weeks (total cost $245.70). Visit to register interest and sign up now!