Ki Health Alternative Healing that treats all

Ki Health Alternative Healing that treats all

Ki Energy, a natural answer to:

*Chronic fatigue
*Chronic pain
*back pain
*Immune disorders
*I.B.S and other digestive disorders

We use the natural power of Ki (Vital Energy, Chi) to promote the health and happiness of individuals and contribute to improving the health of communities throughout the world.

Ki Health practitioners are highly trained Ki Masters who provide specialist acupressure massage and energy treatment, which gives instant relief from diverse symptoms of illness including stress and fatigue. It is a holistic approach that has been scientifically proven to relieve a variety of health problems as well as immediately boosting energy.

We welcome people to our Ki Health Centres for Ki Treatment, and provide a health support service to care for people in their daily and working lives by taking our method into the workplace and into the community. We also offer a Ki Training programme, which teaches people how to regenerate energy for self-healing, long-term wellbeing and spiritual growth.


Health is much more than just not being sick. It is a state of harmony within and without, where body, mind, spirit and nature co-exist in harmonious balance, each supporting and giving life to the other. Spirit supports mind, mind supports body, and nature supports all. The sun, the moon, food, water and air, all provide us with energy to sustain a healthy life. As part of nature, we respond to the flow of energy in our environment, and when nature gets sick, so do we. Learning to live in accordance with the laws of nature is the key to health.


Nowadays people are spending more energy than they are able to receive. They are running an energy deficit that is affecting them physically, emotionally and spiritually. When the body starts to run low on energy it is unable to sustain its vital functions, the mind becomes very vulnerable to negative emotions, and the spirit cannot receive the light it needs to maintain its original brightness and starts to become dark. This is disease.


The concept of healing depends to a large extent on cultural principles. In the West when people fall ill they ask the question: "what can I do about it?" In the East they ask: "what caused it?" By asking what we can do about it, we try to find a cure outside. By asking what caused it, we search for a cure inside. This essential difference has implications not just for our understanding of disease but also its outcome. Understanding the causes of ill health is the foundation of healing.

Ki Treatment

Opens energy blockages, removes toxins and negative energy, and recharges the body with vital energy. This has the effect of healing the energy system, which activates the bodys own healing power to regenerate cells and organs. Ki treatment is a very powerful healing method based on the fundamental principles that create life. Light and sound are the building blocks of life, and in the physical world, sound is the best conductor of energy. Sound creates a vibration that carries energy deep into the body to open blockages and stimulate the circulation of energy.

During treatment Ki Masters use acupressure along the body's energy lines together with a specific sound vibration emitted by the Master to locate and open the energy blockages, and to transmit vital energy. This not only affects the body, but also has a profound effect on the mind. Fatigue, pain, stress and negative emotions are released, and a deep sense of well-being is immediately felt.

Ki treatment is effective for stress; fatigue; back, neck and shoulder pain; digestive and intestinal disorders; high blood pressure; headache and migraine; insomnia; anxiety and depression; and low immunity. It has also helped some cases of infertility and prostate problems, and there is virtually no condition that cannot be helped with vital energy when the person receiving the treatment is open and receptive to receiving Ki energy.

Ki Health International
Level 1 / 410 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Phone: 9670 6702

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Review: Although the technique & sounds may seem a little strange at first, if you open your mind to the possibilities that Ki Health can offer, you will be rewarded with strength & energy.