Normal Voice vs Mum's Voice

Normal Voice vs Mum's Voice

Being a practical and efficient woman I have to say Mum's Voice is the choice I have been making with my 2 year old lately over my Normal Voice. I am sure all you mums reading this understand exactly what I am talking about when I say, Mum's Voice.

Mum's Voice is the half scream, very direct voice that snaps our kids in to line almost instantly.

Where as Normal Voice when it comes to parenting I find you repeat yourself in this voice about five times. After the fifth time you still are not guaranteed a positive result. Talk about a time waster!

With my daughter the second Mum's Voice comes out asking her the exact same thing as I was asking with Normal Voice she jumps to and obeys. Now don't get me wrong I do feel Mum's Voice has a expiry date. I'm thinking between 2-4 years old. After that the basic ground rules for existence should be established. Some examples.

Please do not draw on our couch with a permanent marker!
Please do not use the toilet brush to hit our family dog!
And my latest favourite, Please do not fill the toilet with a whole roll of toilet paper then flush it and flood our bathroom!

Normal Voice in explaining the extreme 'that's not cool' of these situations seems like a complete waste of time. I mean to be a multi tasking mum we need to be efficient right?!

So ladies when that Mum's Voice is required, even though we hate the sound of it ourselves, I say, it's ok. In two years from now you will have many new and exciting challenges with these little ones!


By: Liz Stringer, Founder & Managing Director at Miracle Minded.