4 Tips For Getting In The Mood For Loving

4 Tips For Getting In The Mood For Loving

4 Tips For Getting In The Mood For Loving!

Getting in the mood is definitely a completely different kettle of fish for women as it is for men.

Men don't find it as hard as women. They can switch on faster than women and their definition of getting in the mood is something as simple as taking their pants off, or perhaps accidentally brushing against your boob while you're cooking dinner together in the kitchen.
Women take a little more time, and are a bit more proud in the way they approach it.
We are a tad more complicated and each have our individual way of getting in the mood and feeling sexy.

1) Mental Stimulation
It's known that women need more stimulation than just the touch.
It's also about mentally being in the moment to feel stimulated.
It's been said that you have to also have sex with a woman's mind, not just her body. Finding out what works best for you is key.
Whether it's dirty talk, or perhaps something a bit more creative like role-play. Have a think about what gets you excited and share this with your partner.
Communicating needs, wants and desires will not only bring you closer, but will keep things fresh and interesting.

2) Be The Sexy Goddess That You Are
This step is so important. You won't get in the mood unless you're feeling your best. Take some time away from your busy life and have some 'me time".
Do whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful.
Whether it's wearing something seductive, doing your hair a little different, whatever! I'm all about women empowerment, and doing whatever you need to feel amazing.

3) Be Present
Our lives are so hectic. We're working, raising children, running errands and trying to look after ourselves, all at the same time.
Mums are the queens of multi-tasking, the things we can accomplish in one day would amaze most men, but it's important to just stop sometimes and quiet our minds.
Let go of everything and be in the moment. This will make you feel recharged and regenerated.
And let me tell you, you will definitely be more open to getting in the mood with your partner.

4) Indulge In Some Aphrodisiac Products
Some of us find it difficult to get in the mood, and some are embarrassed to turn to aphrodisiac products to lift our libidos. Which is nothing anyone should be ashamed of!
Miracle Minded are an Australian owned company and we've recently launched three all natural aphrodisiac products that are historically proven to increase stamina, energy and libido.
The range includes a hot chocolate, love potion and aphrodisiac tea, and it is encouraged that you share them with you partner, so you can both enjoy and get in the mood.

By: Liz Stringer, Founder & Managing Director at Miracle Minded.