Liquid Bridge

Liquid Bridge
Legendary film director Phil Avalon has released his next film, LIQUID BRIDGE to the delight of the Australian and international surfing culture. Described as the best surfing flick of all time.

The film stars Ryan Kwanten (ex Home and Away), Simone Kessell (Undercover Angels), Jeremy Sims, Tony Bonner, Carmen Duncan and Australian surfing great, Barton Lynch.

This is the first dramatic movie to contain footage of TOW IN SURFING-AT JAWS.....which is the biggest rideable wave in the world! Jaws is off the Island of Maui(Hawaii).

The idea of Liquid Bridge was born out of a constant haunting of a dream about the original Kahunas who rode the giant waves off the reefs in 18th century Hawaii. Australian writer and surfer, Brian A Williams went to Phil Avalon and told the story of his dream a story of a father and son surfing epic traveling through time to the 21st century, where the search for the perfect waves of the 60s would now become the search for the biggest wave that could ever be ridden.

Phil Avalon tells this story through his characters in Liquid Bridge, pulling together the great tradition of the Hawaiian surfing legends into the modern story of a father and son as they strive to overcome the fear of surfing the biggest waves on the planet.

Liquid Bridge soundtrack out now, with music from bands like Pacifier, Tim Carter and Beej churning out the tunes.

Track Listing
  1. Under The Hood - Atlantics
  2. Bleach Baby - Beej
  3. Gotta Go - New School Hero
  4. Water Finds Its Own Level - Glenn Cardier
  5. Born To Ride - Claire Wyndham
  6. Bombora (Nylon Mix) - Atlantics
  7. Liquid Bridge - Brett Hunt
  8. The Only One - Tim Carter
  9. Highly Likely - Rollerball
  10. Wait and See - Pacifier
  11. As One - Joe Creighton
  12. Liquid Bridge Theme - Brett Rosenberg

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