Rockmelons - 'Rockies 3'

Rockmelons - 'Rockies 3'
The Rockmelons are as vital and relevant nowadays as they were in the 80s and their new album "Rockies 3" is evidence of that.

While DJ's and dance acts come and go, it's good to know that some things remain obvious to all. Their musical kaleidoscope of music over the years has proved that Bryon Jones, Jonathon Jones and Ray Medhurst are from a rare breed of musical connoisseurs in this country to understand the real evolution and history of rhythmic music. It is this pure sense of comprehension that has allowed them to creatively concoct some of the best slices of Australian dance and pop to ever emerge from these shores.

Making a firm impression on Australian audiences over the years with numerous hit singles and their two successful albums "Tale Of The City" and "From 1 Planet", the Rockmelons have begun their 2002 soulful assault on the Australian music industry; firstly with their warmly-embraced comeback single "Al I Want Is You" and now with a new chapter in their on-going development as world-class producers and musicians, simply titled "Rockies 3".

As with their earlier album offerings, "Rockies 3" is a diverse collection of irresistible grooves, soul-drenched melodies and infectious vocal hooks and performances. However, it's interesting to note that the Rockmelons don't set about to make a series of tunes that belong in specific genre categories, their approach seems to be more organic and a mash-up of all of the sounds that they've loved the most over the years.

Over the years the Rockmelons have become renowned for kick-starting solo careers for a series of vocalists who've featured on their records. Their innate ability to recognise talent and provide an avenue for development is hard to beat. On "Rockies 3" they continue this trend by using eight different vocalists to add spice to their already bubbling productions. The use of new talent provides a raw and refreshing result that is synonymous with the essence of the Rockmelons.

With "Rockies 3", the Rockmelons have once again managed to produce a well-balanced album that is a hybrid of their ol' school sensibilities and a soulful dancefloor spin that sounds perfect within the current musical climate.

The album also includes two extra remixes that have been included as a bonus - "All I Want Is You" (Funk Corporation Club Mix) and "I Ain't Playin" (Funk Corporation vs. Aviators Club Mix) - both tracks taking listeners back into the deeper club territory where the Rockmelons' roots lie.

Rockies 3 will also be available in a collectors edition limited 3-cover variation.

  1. All I Want Is You
  2. I Ain't Playin'
  3. Only Love Will Take Us There
  4. One Good Reason
  5. Find My Way Home
  6. I Got News For You
  7. Game Tight
  8. Another Beautiful Day
  9. C'est L'amour [Love Is Still The Message]
  10. Three's A Crowd
  11. Interplanetary
  12. How Could You Say It?

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