Monique Brumby

Monique Brumby
Signal Hill - Monique Brumby

"All the lights on the highway tell me where I'm going and the lines on my face tell where I've been" - Monique Brumby 'Driving Home'

SIGNAL HILL is the title of Monique Brumby's greatly anticipated 12 track LP which was recently released.

As one of Australia's premier female singer/songwriters, Monique Brumby is renowned for her dedication to the art of writing original compositions. Nationally recognised for her body of work to date, Monique has been awarded 2 Aria (Australian Music Industry Awards) for Best New Artist in 1996 and Best Female Artist in 1997. Her song "The Change In Me" was nominated for Song of the Year at the 1998 Aria Awards.

Originally from Tasmania, Monique is currently based in Melbourne and during the years since the release of her debut LP "Thylacine", Monique has made long lasting friendships with a diverse range of musicians, a number of whom were invited to play on "Signal Hill". They include Monique's live band "The Riders" - Maryanne Window, Tom Rouch and Shamus Goble. Additional musicians were Tim Powels (The Church), Joe Creighton (The Revelators), Barry Palmer (Hunters & Collectors, Deadstar), Angus Husband, Stuart Harrison, Bruce Haymes (The Casuals, Professor Ratbaggy), Chris Wilson, Adam Pedretti (Killing Heidi), Craig Patterson and Rachel Samuel).

"Signal Hill" reflects the human spirit and the experiences and knowledge that Monique has gained through travel and the exploration of musical styles since the release of 1996 debut LP "Thylacine" and 1998 "Eventide" EP. A keen lyricist, Monique confronts the listener with honest, dense subject matter with regard to the human condition.

"How many rivers must we cross, before every child is born with love? How many voices must be heard before every child hears the words 'I love you'?" - Monique Brumby 'Prophecy'

"Signal Hill" was produced by Monique with additional production by Simon Polinski and Paul McKercher. The album was mixed by Paul Wilthire at PLW Studios in Melbourne. Additional engineering was by Adam Rhodes and Forrester Savell.

Monique has written songs that have been included in Australian television shows, Neighbours, Home and Away, Secret Life of Us and Heartbreak High. Her songs have also been used in the soundtracks of feature films, "Diana and Me" and "Occasional Coarse Language". Monique has co-written with Australian signer songwriter Paul Kelly resulting in their song "Melting" being included on his 1998 Words and Music LP.

"Stay as sweet as you are, don't let 'em change you. You're better off by far once you discover who you are." - Monique Brumby 'As Sweet As You Are'

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