Levelling The Playing Field for Shy Guys

Levelling The Playing Field for Shy Guys

Levelling The Playing Field for Shy Guys

GirlCoaching (www.girlcoaching.com), a new social coaching service was launched for men who find it difficult to meet and talk to women due to a lack of confidence or relationship inexperience.

The service helps build men's confidence and develop social skills through one-on-one video coaching conversations from real women who provide advice on how women think, what they want and how men can best interact with them. The eight-tutorial program also covers subjects like confidence building, flirting, and approaching the right woman, what to wear, reading signals and dealing with rejection amongst others.

GirlCoaching's unique approach to building self-confidence, developing skills and beating social awkwardness allows men to discuss their experiences with coaches and provides strategies tailored to individual needs. Men can choose from a variety of coaches with different age and background profiles to maximise the opportunity for learning, self-improvement and success.

'GirlCoaching is all about levelling the playing field," says co-founder Jeremy Gumley. 'We know that there are men out there who struggle to meet women, to talk to women and with what to do next. This can be because they are naturally shy, or they haven't had much relationship experience. GirlCoaching gives them the skills to fix that."

According to research, 1 in 5 Australian men will suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder and 1 in 10 will suffer symptoms of social anxiety. Men who suffer anxiety or shyness when talking to women have serious difficulty forming relationships, which can lead to loneliness and depression.

'We recognised that social difficulty with women was a widespread problem and there was a need for a platform where guys can get real advice about girls rather than relying on an anonymous forums or blogs for advice. And what better way to deliver advice on the subject than straight from the source – a girl," co-founder Brad Wilson says.

GirlCoaching's live, interactive video tutorials are genuine interactive coaching sessions that help men define what they want to achieve with women, why they haven't been able to and then develop strategies to solve the problem.

GirlCoaching empowers men across the globe with self-improvement – developing social skills and building confidence through genuine interactions with real women.