Kyle Linahan Friends with Benefits Interview

Kyle Linahan Friends with Benefits Interview

The Friends With Benefits survey, has revealed that having a friend with benefits is an increasingly common occurrence in Australia, with over half of the those surveyed (51%) admitting to dabbling in casual friends with benefits.

The research, which is released in conjunction with the launch of Friends With Benefits on Blu-ray and DVD, showed that women and men have different motivations when it comes to choosing to have a casual relationship. The survey showed that the majority of women (38%) opt to have a friend with benefits because they don't want the complications of a relationship whereas men (36%) choose to have a casual partner for pure sexual satisfaction.

Men and women were in agreement that the best type of friends with benefits was someone who was already a mate, with 42% saying they would chose a close friend and 35% saying they would chose an acquaintance for this type of relationship instead of a colleague or ex partner.

In addition, the sexes were in agreement on the importance of attractiveness in this type of arrangement, 51% of men stated that looks were not an important factor in relation to their friend with benefits and women were found to be even less picky with 55% stating that appearances weren't a consideration to them.

The results show that this arrangement is based upon convenience, with both men and women agreeing that the looks of their partner isn't an important consideration in this situation. All we're looking for is a suitable person to enjoy a stress- free physical relationship with, without additional complications of emotions and who can argue with that?'

Although the survey results revealed that Australians clearly enjoy the benefits of a casual hook up from an existing friend, there can be pitfalls, which are shown in Friends With Benefits, when friends Dylan and Jamie decide to change their friendship from a platonic relationship to a casual partnership.

Interview with Kyle Linahan

Kyle Linahan, TV and Music Personality commented on the findings: -As someone who has had my fair share of dating experience, I can say that the results are typical of modern Australia. Aussies love an easy hook up, without the emotional drama of a relationship.

Question: How common is a friends with benefits relationship in Australia?

Kyle Linahan: It is actually very surprising because out of the people that were surveyed 51% of them admitted to dabbling in a friends with benefits relationship. I am surprised first and foremost that 51% of people admitted to a stranger that they had been involved in this type of relationship; it's great to hear that many Australians are -hanging out' and embracing this kind of relationship.

Question: Why do you think more people are having friends with benefits relationships?

Kyle Linahan: Maybe it's because this type of relationship is -in fashion' because of the movie Friends With Benefits and I also think people are more open to talk about their personal situations. Usually these types of relationships involve a close friend and they are able to more easily engage in the type of relationship than when you're dating someone with more of an obligation to wine and dine; especially when that special someone might be dangling in front of you already, it may be your best friend.

Question: Can you talk about how the stigma of friends with benefits has changed over the years?

Kyle Linahan: It is interesting because back in our grandparents days it was probably more about free love and these types of relationships were more acceptable. In this day and age there can be something a little taboo about actually having a relationship with your friend.

For me personally being with a friend can complicate things a little too much, I like to keep my friends my friends and my sexual partners my sexual partners – I don't really like to mix the two. Obviously complications do arise which we see in Friends With Benefits, the movie, as these types of relationships often lead to emotions getting in the way and dealing with those things with a close friend can potentially ruining a good friendship. There are high stakes for some people to take into consideration with these types of relationships; it's not something I'd commonly look at doing.

Question: As seen in Friends with Benefits do casual relationships often turn into more than that?

Kyle Linahan: Yes and I think they are often accidental; I don't think most people actively go out to seek these types of relationships all the time.

Question: What do women look for in a casual relationship?

Kyle Linahan: The survey showed that 38% of women actually opt to have these types of relationships because they don't like the complications of relationships. I thought only guys thought like that! I didn't realise that women also sought to get away from complicated relationships; that was very interesting for me to read.

Also, I was surprised by the fact that Australians weren't really thinking about attractiveness as a really important part of this type of relationships whereas I thought that attractiveness would be important because these types of relationships are just physical which is why I obviously thought that attractiveness would be high on the list. 51% of men and 55% of women said that looks weren't important and they were not necessarily fussed how their partner looked, even less picky!

Question: What do men look for in a casual relationship?

Kyle Linahan: I think -no strings attached' is the best way to see it. It's just about the physicality, men and women both have needs and men are specifically visual creatures which makes it about the act of sex, sometimes, rather than having an emotional connection to the act; I think that is often where men and women differ, a lot. Often breaching that grey area can be a little bit difficult for two partners, as one or potentially both have developed emotional attachments because it is such an intimate acts. I don't think that is such a bad thing though because that person could have been dangling in front of your face, all this time, and you hadn't actually seen them, like that, until you got involved in the relationship. As long as the two were open and honest about the situation with each other, I don't believe it is a bad thing.

Question: On a side note, what have you been up to Kyle?

Kyle Linahan: What haven't I been doing? I have been all around the planet, this year. After I finished with Channel V, midyear, I went on a massive global tour; I started in South America and worked my way up through Mexico and then went to the States with some friends. From there I went to Europe and Iceland; I have been doing a lot of travel because I always wanted to do that; it was amazing that Channel V were open to me doing that and allowing me to take some time. I have been in TV for five years and I was excited to take a break, recharge and refresh.

2012 is going to be a big year, I have quite a few things in the pipeline and I am working on music, it has been great to get back into writing and recording my music as I had taken some time off from that. I will continue to travel in 2012 and maybe even try and learn a language or even head to Paris for a few months!

Friends with Benefits DVD

Cast: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Woody Harrelson, Jenna Elfman, Patricia Clarkson, Richard Jenkins, Emma Stone, Andy Samberg
Director: Will Gluck
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rated: 109 minutes
Running Time: MA 15+

Friends With Benefits follows New York recruiter Jamie (Mila Kunis) and magazine art director Dylan (Justin Timberlake) who form a friendship which they agree to turn into an ongoing casual hook up following their bad experiences with the opposite sex. It quickly becomes apparent that this type of relationship comes with both convenience and complications when love gets in the way.

Special Features:
Commentary with Writer / Director Will Gluck, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis
Deleted Scenes

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