Julia Wade KX Pilates Interview

Julia Wade KX Pilates Interview

Pilates, Passion and Purpose

Julia Wade, Hobart local, mother, and wife of Australian Cricketer, Mathew Wade, is forging her own path in the health and fitness arena, launching and running Tasmania's first KX Pilates Studio, located at 88 Bathurst Street, Hobart. This will also mark the 50th studio for the KX Pilates franchise.

With a long standing involvement in the wellness industry, a background in Physical Education and a creative flare working in events in Melbourne, Julia is on a mission to support KXers on their journey to happiness and health.

Walking into her first KX Pilates class in Melbourne 7 years ago and trained by founder and CEO, Aaron Smith, Julia knew she had discovered something special, inspired by the unique KX experience: the intimate studio space, personalised approach and community feel.

Now, after landing back in Tasmania 12 months ago to settle down with her family, Julia believes there is a need for the KX way of life to be introduced to the Hobart community.

"I want the community to understand that true health grows from the inside out by focussing on not just physical, but mental and emotional fitness as well," says Julia.

"That's what KX will provide Hobart locals, the ability to grow, recharge, nourish and give the mind, heart and body the time and love it deserves."

KX Pilates offers a fast paced, high intensity, body-toning workout in just 50 minutes, fusing lements of traditional reformer Pilates with cardio and endurance workout. KX Pilates was launched in 2010 and will celebrate its 50th studio with the opening of the Hobart location.

Aaron Smith, CEO and founder KX Pilates, said, "I am really excited that Julia is not only opening our first Tasmanian studio but also our 50th studio."

"Julia was one of my first clients when I launched the business in 2010 and she has continued to train with us since. She understands the physical and mental rewards that come from the KX experience and I believe she will do an outstanding job running Hobart."

The new studio will boast an open, fresh environment, with ample space whilst keeping a boutique and intimate feel. The studio offers complimentary towels and chilled water, while seven KX-trained staff will be running the daily classes, and available for ongoing support and advice.

The official opening day for the studio is : Saturday 25th August 2018.

A limited offer of 3 classes for $30* is now available, sign up here to redeem: kxpilates.com.au/studio/ hobart-pilates-studio/

KX Pilates
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Interview with Julia Wade

Julia Wade, 30, is wife of Australian Cricketer, Matthew Wade, 30, and mother to daughter, Winter, 2, and resides in Hobart, Australia. A background in Physical Education studies, and a passion for health and fitness has lead Julia to launch, own and run Tasmania's first KX Pilates studio in Hobart. Julia is determined to help people challenge themselves and grow and provide an exceptional customer service experience throughout their journey to happiness and health.

Question: When did you first try KX Pilates?

Julia Wade: My first KX Pilates class was 7 years ago, with CEO and founder, Aaron Smith as my instructor!

Question: What do you love about KX Pilates?

Julia Wade: I love how much genuine fun you can have, when you are all physically challenged in a KX class! KX Pilates can help you create long, and lean muscles. It's about building strong foundations, and building on them from there. You work muscles in a KX Pilates class that you simply never knew you had and the trainers are on your personal journey with you, they care.

The feeling you get when you walk in the door, you're always welcomed by a friendly face, and made to feel like you belong at KX.

The mind body connection you feel throughout the KX workout is like nothing you have experienced before in a Pilates workout.

Question: Why do you believe you found your purpose, when you found Pilates?

Julia Wade: KX Pilates allowed me to find that same 'team sport' feeling. Team sport just wasn't fitting in to my busy life, with KX, I was able to pick the time of day that I wanted to 'train and practise' at KX. Aaron Smith, the founder and my first trainer, has created a fantastic culture where the studio owners and trainers really help you to feel part of a community. It's a place to belong, to be surrounded by enthusiastic and motivated people. KX is such a supportive, and fun environment, the mood is contagious.

The endorphins are definitely pumping when you walk out the KX doors.

Question: Can you explain the positive effects Pilates has on our bodies, especially in Winter?

Julia Wade: In winter some people tend to hibernate. It's cold and dark, and we look for comfort in all areas of life, and lose motivation.

KX Pilates is about getting out of your comfort zone in a supportive environment, allowing our bodies to move, and continuing to make those small and ongoing improvements!

Consistency is the key.

Question: Do you have a morning routine, can you share it with us?

Julia Wade: I wake at 4.47am, random alarm time I know. But I somehow trick my brain in to thinking it's a good time to get up. I quickly change and throw my runners on, and I am off walking by 5.00am.

Pounding the pavements or the treadmill early in the morning gets my mind in to gear and focussed for the day ahead.

Getting up early allows me to have time for ME! I don't have to be a wife, a Mum, a leader or a business owner. I can just be ME. We can't be anything to anyone when our own cup is empty.

The house is usually awake by the time I return at 5.45am, and it's straight in to breakfast, COFFEE, showers, clothes on and out the door by 7am. That all sounds like it happens so smoothly, but throw a 2 year old in there and it's not as swift and smooth as it sounds. We negotiate and compromise, and negotiate some more and then we get out the door.

It's then a school or grandparent drop off, a coffee to pick up on the way, with the aim of arriving at the KX studio by about 7.30am.

Question: What are your 3 x 3pm moves that keep your mind active and body flowing?

Julia Wade: 3pm definitely calls for a quick whizz on the reformer - my go to moves would be, Flying splits, Skater and Pike.

Question: How did you go about launching your own KX Pilates studio?

Julia Wade: I have been doing KX Pilates for seven years and have been interested in opening my own studio for a while. When my husband, Matthew, and I decided to move back home to Hobart from Melbourne last year I just thought that was the perfect opportunity. I am opening the first KX Pilates studio in Tasmania later this month and am already planning my second.

When it's your own business, going over and above is a given. You are constantly solving challenges and finding solutions. You don't ask for permission or look for praise you just do it. But the reward is by far the most rewarding thing you will do.

I had some great advice from my sister in law who said 'if it's hard, then it's worth doing, Nothing comes easy that worth having'

And surprisingly hard work can be fun too.

Launching KX in Hobart has and will bring challenges, but sharing my genuine love for what KX is about, that feeling we help you create and the fun we have whilst we do it, that's my number one priority. I want people to experience that too!

Question: What do you hope to achieve at your KX Pilates studio?

Julia Wade: I want to create a place for everyone to belong, to feel supported and to ultimately just have fun and be themselves. I have gained so much, physically and mentally, from being a part of the KX family for the past seven years so I know there will plenty of other people who will find it just as rewarding. No matter what stage of life you are at, what race you are running or life story you are writing. There is a place for everyone at KX.

Question: What is involved in a typical KX Pilates class?

Julia Wade: We bring to you revolutionary twist on traditional reformer Pilates, fast paced, high intensity, body-toning workout in just 50 minutes.

Workout smarter, not longer, still fusing elements of traditional reformer Pilates but adding in cardio and endurance training for the ultimate high intensity workout.

Interview by Brooke Hunter