Jewel - This Way

Jewel - This Way

JEWEL is back with a brilliant new album!

, the eagerly awaited fourth album from acclaimed singer/songwriter JEWEL, is her first album since 1999's Joy: A Holiday Collection, and her first collection of all-new, self-penned material since 1998's Spirit.

THIS WAY represents an extraordinary leap forward in Jewel's artistry, as songwriter, singer and musician. Recorded in Nashville, the album was produced by Dann Huff and Jewel, marking her first work as a producer. One of the top guitarists in the business, Huff has become a much in-demand producer in recent years, with a diverse list of credits.

On this album, Jewel wanted to focus on the craft of performing and songwriting.

"I've always been a live musician, and I wanted my voice to shine through. At the same time, I hope to stay relevant as a writer, which means staying honest
about where you are. The most important thing to me is maintaining my authenticity. I'll always be curious musically and want to try new things, but above all, I want the music to sound honest and good in 20 years."

The first single released from the new album is 'Standing Still'.

The album THIS WAY includes an enhancement of studio footage and the video for her new single.


1. Standing Still
2. Jesus Loves You
3. Everybody Needs Someone Sometime
4. Break Me
5. Do You Want To Play?
6. Till We Run Out of Road
7. Serve The Ego
8. This Way
9. Cleveland
10. I Won't Walk Away
11. Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone
12. The New Wild West

BONUS TRACKS (recorded live)

13. Grey Matter
14. Sometimes It Be That Way
15. A Long Slow Slide

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