Raising a family of 17 children, with 10 girls and 7 boys, has been no easy task for Maikeli and Vake Wolfgramm. Maikeli and Vake originally emigrated from the islands of Tonga for the United States and the journey has been quite unusual.

Settling in Salt Lake City, the eldest Wolfgramm children formed The Jets. During the mid to late 80's, this band went on to be the first Polynesian musical family band worldwide to crossover to the Pop mainstream music scene.

During The Jets five-year success on the MCA Records label, they charted on Billboard with eight top-ten hits. While The Jets were achieving crossover status in the Pop Music industry, Vake had seven more children who were "waiting in the wings". These younger siblings were literally raised "on the road" while their elder brothers and sisters were touring the world over. Music is in their blood. Having been groomed under the tutelage of their elder brothers and sisters and with the addition of three of their cousins, WPRecords is proud to introduce the next generation - JETT17.

JETT17 consists of Natalia on Lead Vocals and Bass; Maliana on Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriting and Choreography; EtiVise on Lead Vocals, Drums and Songwriting; Leipua on Lead Vocals, Keyboards and Percussion; Mika on Lead Vocal and Bass; Donnie on Vocals, Drums and DJ; Tony on Vocals, Guitar and Ukulele and finally Ashton on Lead Vocals and Percussion.

This self-contained band is destined to hit the charts with a bang with their fusion of such diverse musical styles of R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae and Pop to create JETT17's signature sound.

JETT17's album, "ALL TOGETHER NOW", is a trip through today's radio dial. From the soulful "Missing You Crazy" to the high-energy, "Hot Trax" to the Reggae tinged "Paradise" ending with "Amor Es La Verdad" which is destined to be a hit in both the English and Latin Markets, "ALL TOGETHER NOW" shows that JETT17 has come together as one.

JETT17 has what it takes: fresh young talent, charisma, substance and longevity and are already on the path to becoming a major commercial hit as their older siblings. The Wolfgramm family has achieved success in the past and with that knowledge and experience, JETT17 are ready to take off and soar to even greater heights.

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