Fit & Firm For Ever

Fit & Firm For Ever

Stay toned, lean & vibrant through menopause and beyond

First the bad news: Between the ages of 45 and 55 women on average can expect to gain at least 5.5 kg. Not only that but we become bigger in places where flab was never a problem before and this unwelcome new arrival stubbornly refuses to budge.

The cause? Muscle loss, a slower metabolism, dwindling supplies of oestrogen and a 21st-century lifestyle conspire to produce a midlife midriff crisis. There are genuine health concerns to consider too - bulging waistlines are now linked to a greater risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, heart problems and Alzheimer's disease.

And now the good news. Fit & Firm For Ever offers hope and help for those of us lamenting our jelly bellies and bingo wings. It explains that the main strategy for winning the metabolic war is to build and maintain lots of mighty muscle - and that this is easier than you might think.

* banish spare-tyre creep,
* defy gravity
* find new levels of energy and confidence.

Health writer Paula Goodyer is a Walkley award-winning journalist and former health editor of Cleo magazine. She is the author of BodyGuard (ABC Books, 2003) and Kids & Drugs (Allen and Unwin, 1998. She lives in Sydney with her partner, photographer Rick Stevens.

Fit & Firm For Ever
Random House Australia
Author: Paula Goodyer
ISBN: 9781741665833
RRP: $34.95