Rescue Me

Rescue Me
'Rescue Me' is the book which will help you turn your life around by using unique dieting and exercise programs. The Flavour DIET™ and ExceriseFx used in combination will enable you to have fun with food and develop new skills for a healthy lifestyle.

The logic to the The Flavour DIET™ is that if food appeals to the senses it will be more fulfilling and result in smaller portions.

Judith Kennedy is more than just the co-author of 'Rescue Me' she is also a case study, losing 25 kilograms in five months using a program and exercise regime developed with Matthew Squires.

* The Flavour DIET™
* Beating Childhood Obesity
* Baby Boomers
* Lower Back Pain
* Keeping if Off

Matt Squires has put his special kind of energy and creativity for tackling hard problems and making solutions accessible has transposed deep into the fabric of this book. The unique nature of Rescue Me allows you to discover your own methodology for the best outcome.
Dr Roger Adams, The University of Sydney

Judith Kennedy is a Bachelor of Applied Sceince (Nursing), Deputy Chair of the Oncology Children's Foundation Australia and Chief Executive of the Assocation of Australia Boutique Winemakers.

Matthew Squires is a Master of Health Science (Sports Physiotherapy & Manipulative Physiotherapy), Bachelor Applied Science (Physiotherapy Hons), Bachelor of Applied Science (Biomedicine), a pilates instructor and is an accredited physiotherapist with the NSW institute of Sport. He is a recipient of the Sydney University Medal (2000) and a director of Universal Motion Physiotherapy.

Rescue Me
New Holland Publishers
Authors: Judith Kennedy & Matthew Squires
ISBN: 9781741106848
RRP: $29.95