I wrote to you before asking for some advice on how to find closure in a relationship when you can't even talk to the other person and know that is truly what he wants too. I am asking again for some advice. Even though I know I should walk, I can't seem to without knowing what he is really feeling.

A. Closure is a vital part of healing after a break-up but sometimes we can't get it with the other person for one reason or another. It doesn't mean you can't move on. You obviously have thought long and hard about this and are more than ready to leave so don't let anything stop you.

You can achieve closure by yourself. One of the best ways is to write a letter of farewell to the person, saying all the things that you can't say directly. Afterwards, you symbolically burn the letter to signify the letting go of what you had. Allow time for grieving and then move on.

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