Inexpressive Boyfriend

Q. My boyfriend is very inexpressive; I don't know what he thinks and I amsuch an extrovert person. What should I do to know what he thinks?

A. Can't you see that you're with him because opposites attract? You have alot to learn from each other's differences so don't try to make him like you.It IS very difficult to be in a close relationship with someone who won't speak of their feelings. Keep in mind also that men are different in communication styles to women. Women like to talk round things, men want to go to the heart of the matter.

So if you want to help this man to be more expressive, be patient, ask him direct questions and let him answer in his own time and way. Look for the silent signs of love. Not everyone communicates well in words but if you're sure of his feelings, hone your sensitivity antenna and sense his moods, feelings, thoughts etc. Over time and with trust, he may open up more. He could be worth the effort.

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