Back Together

My girlfriend got back together after being separated for almost a year. Then I was forced to move away from her because of my fathers job. We both believe that we can make it through the year but I constantly worry about her. Is there anything I can do that will help us both to stop worrying about each other so much?

What is you are both worrying about? Im not clear if you mean your welfare or being faithful.
Funny enough, my answer in either case is much the same - trust! Theres nothing else to do. Every morning, when we get out of bed, we are trusting that we will be okay and will get through the day unharmed. Theres no guarantee whatsoever. No-one has promised us that we will live to an old age. We just get up every day and do our best. Thats what its like for everything in life. I could write a whole book about trust because ever since I started doing the work I now do, I have been living just on trust. But it made me strong and made me realise thats all any of us has.

Worry is the antithesis of trust. I must state very strongly to you that worry is totally, 100% useless. Not only does it not help any situation, it actually makes it worse! I know its hard being apart but the year will go quickly. Meanwhile, you can ring and write, get to know each other in a deeper way and if you catch yourself worrying., remind yourself that it's just your little insecure voice trying to frighten you. Listen but give it no credence.

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