The Northern Summer of Abacus Roolz

The Northern Summer of Abacus Roolz

The fine folk at INERTIA have joined forces with the lovely gentlemen from abacus roolz to bring their new album into the world.

Return album - the northern summer of abacus roolz.

Recorded in France, the UK and finished off in Sydney, the new album - the northern summer of abacus roolz is a collection of 10 tracks that capture the mood of sun drenched grassy fields, summer road trips, long twilights and warm evenings.

Following the success of their critically acclaimed EP of 2003 the trials and tribulations of abacus roolz, the new album further develops their ambient, electronic experiments, furnishing these sounds with more natural instruments, acoustic & electric guitars, live drums, piano, lapsteel, and psaltery, all combined organically with ambient electronic washes. The results are impressive, with a strong emphasis on songs, the album journeys through feelings of warmth, hope and uplifting melancholy. Creating an album in the classic sense abacus roolz have captured a sound which is instantly familiar yet rewardingly fresh.

Post production work done in Sydney features the talents of Chris Joannou from Silverchair and Matt Lovell ARIA Award winning producer of The Mess Hall.

Bucket Fixer (from the northern summer...) to feature in new two-part ABC TV drama The Silence by director Cate Shortland (Somersault).