Where Did My Libido Go?

Where Did My Libido Go?

Where Did My Libido Go?

Getting your sex life back on track, from the bestselling author of Good Loving, Great Sex.

Low libido is the most common sexual problem experienced by women. In face every woman will experience low sexual desire at some time in her life, either in the short term (after the birth of a baby, during a stressful life period, when her relationship is rocky) or in the long term. When a women's partner wants sex and she's no longer in the mood significant problems can occur in the relationship. Differing sex drives can lead couples down a path paved with frustration, resentment, misunderstanding and despair- a path that may lead to separation and divorce.

This book will be helpful for women who:
Have lost interest in sex
Have a partner who wants more sex than they do and it's creating a strain on their relationship
Would like to increase their level of sexual desire, sexual frequency and sexual pleasure.

In this book you will learn:
How your sexual desire works
How to maximise your libido
How to increase your sexual enjoyment
Strategies that will help you to enjoy a regular, satisfying sex life with your partner.

Dr. Rosie King is Australia's best know sex therapist. She has had over 30 years of clinical experience, and was a columnist in Woman's Day for 15 years.

Where Did My Libido Go?
Random House Australia
Author: Dr. Rosie King
ISBN: 9781864711561
Price: $34.95