The Day I Shot Cupid

The Day I Shot Cupid

The Day I Shot Cupid

This is a book for any woman who has ever bought a self-help book and wondered why she bothered.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a self-proclaimed 'love-aholic' and hopeless romantic (her middle name is Love, after all!) She has been lucky and unlucky in love, and lived to tell- and she's done it all in the spotlight. Much has been written about her love life- some true, some not so-true, but all featured in countless magazines. Now Hewitt shares the real story of what she's learned navigating the dangerous dating waters.

In The Day I Shot Cupid, Hewitt offers her hard-won wisdom and tells us how to embrace love with both feet on the ground. First, we have to shoot Cupid. We have to believe that happily-ever-after is hard work- it's not all flowers and symphonies and floating hearts.

Wise and wry and refreshingly honest, Hewitt talks about how to pick the right guy and how to know when to let the wrong ones go free, and she offers some surprising truths about the opposite sex.

From twenty things to do after a breakup, to ten things to do before a date, to the perils of text flirting (Note: You are waiting. By the phone. For his response), not to mention a famously controversial chapter on Vagazzaling, Hewitt uses stories and dating secrets to illustrate the idiotic, romantic, crazy, depressing, hilarious, awkward, glorious moments we all experience in relationships.

Funny, quirky and empowering, The Day I Shot Cupid will appeal to every independent, smart, romantic, girly, bossy, indecisive woman who even wondered how she can be true to herself and still find the man of her dreams.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been in the entertainment industry for nearly twenty years, from her days as a child performer to the breakout hit Party of Five, to the blockbuster films Heartbreakers and I Know What You Did Last Summer. She is now the star, executive producer, and director of CBS's hit show Ghost Whisperer.

The Day I Shot Cupid
Allen and Unwin
Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
ISBN: 9781742373751
Price: $24.99