Tweet - Southern Hummingbird

Tweet - Southern Hummingbird

"Southern Hummingbird" is the debut album from singer/songwriter/musician TWEET. Tweet has been described as a refreshing new presence on the R&B scene because her breathtaking songs capture both the heartbreak and joy of being alive.

"Southern Hummingbird" is a soulful and sultry exploration of the heart and reads like a diary of the young vocalist's torrid life.

Songs like "Motel" and the prayerful "Beautiful" cover both ends of Tweet's incredible depth of range. The uplifting "Best Friend", dreamily swoops around her angelic vocals, "Smoking Cigarettes" and the haunting "Always Will" explores love's darker passages, while the hip hop tinged, "Oops (Oh My)", rivals even Prince's most ravishing moments.

In preparation for this album, Tweet wrote down lyrics on napkins and scraps of paper, which seemed to serve as a road map of some of the more painful moments of Tweet's life.

Tweet states, "I guess in a way, the music I was writing at the time was like my therapy." She cites the edgy "Complain" to prove her point. "I wrote that about my dark period. I was so filled with emotion about that experience that I took a gospel-laced groove I'd been working on and turned it into a little prayer to myself."

Tweet's honest approach in her lyrics really shines through on this album and her emotive and soulful voice is pleasurable to the ear. This is an impressive debut album from a talented and thought provoking artist.


1. So Much To Say - Intro
2. My Place
3. Smoking Cigarettes
4. Best Friend feat. Bilal
5. Always Will
6. Boogie 2nite
7. Oops (Oh My)
8. Make Ur Move
9. Motel
10. Beautiful
11. Complain
12. Heaven
13. Call Me
14. Drunk
15. Southern Hummingbird - Outro
16. Sexual Healing (Oops Pt. 2) - Hidden Track

- Annemarie Failla

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