Music Review: Tori Amos - Get Strange

Music Review: Tori Amos - Get Strange

Strange Little Girls is the the latest studio album from Tori Amos - an assemblage of songs written by men, but performed by Tori from the perspectives of a diverse cast of female characters.

The 12-track "Strange Little Girls," due out Sept. 18, is comprised completely of cover songs written by men. "I've always found it fascinating how men say things and women hear them," Amos says of the concept. On the album, she reinterprets material by such diverse artists as Neil Young ("Heart of Gold"), Depeche Mode ("Enjoy the Silence"), the Velvet Underground ("New Age"), the Beatles ("Happiness Is a Warm Gun"), Slayer ("Raining Blood"), and Joe Jackson (album closer "Real Men").

"Words can wound and words can heal," she adds, "and both are included on the album ... All of these songs were created by powerful wordsmiths, whether you agree with them or not."

The album features songs composed by other artists such as The Stranglers, Eminem, Lou Reed, Lennon/McCartney, and more. Each is taken apart, and put back together darkly, gently, and in an uncompromising fashion.

Strange Little Girls is released across Australia on September 18th.

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