The INMEN (pronounced "IN-MEN")

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Not just a band, The INMEN (formerly The Inflatablemen), are a precise unit; four beings that act as one to create music with almost an animal urgency. Together, this Brooklyn quartet juxtaposes guitars with synthesizers and augments live drums with precise beats. They borrow from the synth-pop and industrial groups of the past and craft a new sound, one that is dark, edgy and emotional without compromising its pop roots. The INMEN have recently been logging long hours at Manhattan's Stratosphere Studios working with veteran producer Eli Janney. The resulting recordings showcase both the bands raw energy and their commitment to catchy melodies.

Out of the studio, they are even more explosive. Their live show is short and energetic. With a taught interplay of moody lyrics, sexual charisma and incendiary rhythm, they emerge with syncopated lights and a massive sound. This is a group that redefines pop music. This is a band not to be missed.

In a relatively short period of time, The INMEN have supported a wide variety of impressive acts, including Gary Numan, They Might Be Giants, DJ Hurricane, Dougie Fresh, Imperial Teen, Poster Children, Spoon, Interpol and Wires Colin Newman.

The INMEN are:
  • Fisher vocals, guitar
  • SeanBryant D. bass
  • Brett Burton synthesizers, background vocals
  • Brett Romnes drums

    To date, The INMEN have released one EP, a 7" single and several compilation tracks. They released their first full length, Machine Age Romance, on Arlington VA's Diver City Records. They are now ready to release a new LP.

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