The Real Deal

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Australian property prices are shaping up as some of the highest of all time, closing out the first home buyers and making room for the investor. With 35 to 40 per cent of property buyers looking for investment opportunities, there has never been a better time for The Real Deal: Property Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom!

The Real Deal reveals the steps to creating a passive income through property investing, with the ultimate goal of financial freedom and early retirement. This book covers deals that will make a quick profit, deals that will earn a passive income, deals that you can work on yourself and deals that you can pay others to look after for you. The options are really only limited by your own creativity - and this is what makes property a great way to reach financial freedom; whatever your personal goals and circumstances, there's an approach that will work for you.

The book entails 14 different investment strategies based on real property deals, starting at the basics (buy-and-hold and negative gearing), moving through to intermediate (renovations and subdivisions), and building to advanced (commercial property and property developments). Each deal is based on the experiences of 14 real-life, everyday investors, and the authors are two of Australia's foremost property-investing educators, both uniquely qualified to teach readers how to create a system that requires minimal effort but will produce enough income to allow them to leave full-time employment.

With a foreword by Steve McKnight, valuable candid insights from the real world of property investing (not all the deals go as planned!), and a blueprint for success no matter your circumstances, this is a book for anyone looking to achieve financial freedom using the great Australian dream.

The Real Deal
Author: Brendan Kelly and Simon Buckingham
ISBN: 9781742469836
Price: $29.95

Interview with Brendan Kelly and Simon Buckingham

Question: Why did you decide to write The Real Deal?

Brendan Kelly: In essence, we wanted to get the message out there that anyone can do this! Age, gender, background... if you have the desire and the persistence, you can achieve great wealth through property. During our 5+ years of Property Coaching we've seen people create wealth for themselves over and over. Anyone can!

Simon Buckingham: Most people only know one way to invest in property - and that's to buy a property and hope it goes up in value. But the reality is that most people who do this never actually achieve any real kind of financial freedom. There are other ways to invest in property that you can tailor to your personal goals and circumstances, in order to achieve financial freedom sooner. We wanted to show that building wealth and a better financial future through property doesn't have to be too hard. Yes, there'll always be challenges, but they can be overcome with determination and the right knowledge.

Question: Who is The Real Deal written for?

Brendan Kelly: The book is designed to be a bit of a trigger for change. Most commonly, people who feel stuck in a rut or trapped by circumstances are those that are secretly most desperate to seize back control in their lives. This book is designed to instil the idea that you don't have to be a guru to have success in property.

Simon Buckingham: This book is written for anyone who wants to take control of their financial future, rather than being dependent upon a job or superannuation to fund their lifestyle and retirement.

Question: What research went into The Real Deal?

Brendan Kelly: Fifteen plus years of property investing history and more than 5 years of Property Coaching are the foundations for this book. But the true beauty is in the experiences of those that this book is about: the 14 Real Deals demonstrating 14 different property strategies. They are all real property investing stories.

Simon Buckingham: Coaching over 1200 people from all walks of life - from foster carers to airline pilots, soldiers to prime ministerial aides, musicians to footy players - and seeing how investing the right way in property has made a real difference in their lives.

Question: Why should Australians turn to property investment?

Brendan Kelly: There are basically 3 different investing vehicles... Shares, business, and property. People should do the one that suits them best. Historically, property has been used by the wealthy to hold their wealth and provide a reliable income over time. This book is all about how you can use property to acquire your wealth too.

Question: Can you talk about some of the different investment strategies explained in The Real Deal?

Brendan Kelly and Simon Buckingham: The strategies illustrated through real life experience vary in complexity as you read through the pages. The book demonstrates a range of different strategies that can be used to make money in property, from simpler strategies like rental properties and cosmetic renovations, right through to more complex projects like multi-unit property developments. The intent is to allow people to pick and choose the one that potentially best suits them, give them an insight into how a deal of that nature might come together, and how someone may be able to apply it in their own life.


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