Does Your Love Life Add Up?

Does Your Love Life Add Up?

Are you desperately dateless or head over heels in love? Whatever the state of your love life, this book shows you how to learn more about your relationships using numerology.

Written by Australia's leading numerologist, Does Your Love Life Add Up? is a fun and easy way to apply numbers to your personal life, your partners, family and friends.

We use numbers to explain most things in our lives, so why not use them to learn more about personalities? Plus, the best part is - you don't have to be good at maths to do it.

Find out:
* if a potential partner will be a good lover
* if a partner will be faithful
* a partner's temperament and personality
* how to bring out the best in a person
* what your partner's strengths and weaknesses are
* and much more

This insightful book takes the guesswork out of love. Discover your best months for love, learn about what prospective partners are looking for - what excites them and what causes the fur to fly. There's also a compatibility chart - see which relationships are likely to work, as well as practice grids and your own personal grid. Max also looks at celebrity couples such as Nicole and Keith Urban, and Bill and Hilary Clinton and explains their love challenges.

Max Coppa is Australia's best known numerologist and palmist, with thirty years experience in reading and counselling people on how to take control of their lives. Max writes a regular column for Woman's Day, and has contributed to other magazines from Good Medicine and Girlfriend, to New Idea. He has written several books on numerology and palmistry and has appeared on television and radio, and at mind, body, spirit festivals both in Australia and overseas.

Allen & Unwin
Author: Max Coppa
ISBN: 9781741754155
RRP: $19.95


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