The Elusive Orgasm

The Elusive Orgasm

The Elusive Orgasm

Sally Albright from 'When Harry Met Sally' fakes one in a crowded deli.

Samantha Jones from 'Sex and the City' is always talking about them.

You find it difficult to express, hard to define and if you're part of the majority of women - hard to have...

An Orgasm! It's something we all desire but often don't achieve, so we have to fake it!

Fake it No Longer with The Elusive Orgasm by clinical psychologist and sex therapist Vivienne Cass.

Did you know one in 30 per cent of women has difficulties with achieving orgasm?

Do you want to experience greater sexual satisfaction?

The Elusive Orgasm is the women's bible for all things orgasmic!

It provides a full, straightforward overview of women's sexual pleasure; covering sexual triggers, orgasm difficulties and causes, stages of arousal, the power of the mind, and how female orgasms differ from men's.

The Elusive Orgasm also provides you with tools to discover the source of your own orgasm difficulties and straightforward remedies and step-by-step plans to help you and your partner achieve the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

The Elusive Orgasm - it will make you the sexual advice go-to girl for all your friends and most importantly, it will make your sexual experience more arousing!

The Elusive Orgasm
Author: Vivienne Cass