Sexpectations Boy will help you make healthy, positive choices based on the right information.Sexpectations Girl provides honest and straightforward information that will help you make your own healthy choices.

Sexpectations talks to girls and guys about when to have sex, how sex happens, why you might (or might not) have sex, what does sex feel like and other important things to know if and when a girl or guy has, or is about to have, sex.

But sex isn't just about one person. Sexpectations goes way past how to put on a condom - it explores the tricky areas of pleasure and desire with real life information shared in a straightforward way. It discusses what's happening with relationships and friends, family, sexual identity and cultural influences. Knowing about and making decisions about sex can be confusing at the best of times. This book will take you through knowing yourself and your body, keeping safe, protecting yourself, thinking through pregnancy, knowing about relationships and tapping into your personal power to make positive choices.With comments from other guys and girls facing the same experiences, Sexpectations talks honestly and respectfully about the hard questions and gives you some answers you might need.

Leissa Pitts has conducted sexual and reproductive health training and education for nearly 10 years and has managed sexual and reproductive health programs in Sydney and across the Asia Pacific region. Her work has developed from a passion for young people to access information to make the best life choices possible. Leissa currently manages services in the multicultural health sector. In her 25 years of professional experience internationally and in Australia, she has worked in community development, professional education and research with a focus on sexual health.

Craig Murray has been delivering sexual health information for the last twelve years via health promotion, community and professional education. For two years before that he was a peer educator and youth consultant with SHine SA (or Family Planning South Australia as it was then).

Allen and Unwin
Authors: Craig Murray and Leissa Pitts
ISBN: 9781741751437
Price: $29.99