Should I let go

I have been with this guy for 11 years and weve been through a lot. We have two boys and one is Autistic and has cancer. I live in my own apartment and he lives with his parents. He is an accountant. Lately, hes been ignoring me and the kids, saying hes too busy. Should I just let go of this relationship?

On the surface of it, the relationship does not seem very good but I personally like to think I give things every chance before letting them go. So let me offer some thoughts and you can then decide with a clearer mind what you want to do.

Firstly, why doesnt this guy live with you? Is this a relatively recent arrangement or have you always lived apart. Do you have a set arrangements for visits and his share of the responsibilities? If hes neglecting these, I suggest you ask him straight out what he wants as you have a right to a life too. Perhaps hes met someone else and is reluctant to tell you, but in your position, youd be better off knowing.

I certainly wouldn't let this situation continue indefinitely. Force a showdown if you have to but get some answers and be ready to move on if it becomes clear that this guy doesnt want you or your family anymore, or is just using you as a convenience.Could I just offer one comment about your son? He is a very special gift. Someone who has two such serious conditions must be a very special soul and if hes in your care, then you must be very special too. Never forget it.

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